This took hold in my thoughts a month ago when a girl and her twin brothers began to cross the street. All three died that morning in Indiana.

The bus had its STOP signal down and lights on. It happens far too often.

The bus driver will never forget nor the children on the bus. Mom or Dad may have watched in horror, helpless to save their child.

Here in our small city of Findlay, and surrounding area, the public docket is posted in The Courier and I am not only shocked, but appalled that running through or passing a stopped school bus carries the equal punishment as someone tossing a piece of trash out the window.

A $100 fine. That’s it, $100. Pay the ticket and off you go.

I’ve been pondering laws that should be considered, such as child endangerment and reckless operation, for starters.

Better yet, pass a new law just for this and punish with months in jail, loss of driving privileges, and a very heavy fine.

Fred Ramm



I don’t know where Jenny Lewis (letter, April 9) is getting her numbers from, but her info is way outdated. She wrote about job numbers for the first 10 months of Trump’s presidency; why stop there? He’s been in office for a little over 25 months.

Over the past two years, with the encouragement of the Trump administration’s red-tape cutting policies and the tax cut and reform law passed in December 2017 (look at that, 11 months after Trump took office) manufacturers added 467,000 jobs, more than six times the 73,000 manufacturing jobs added in Obama’s last two years.

Looking at Trump’s first two years, the revised U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that more than two manufacturing jobs were added for every one job added in government at the federal, state, and local level. In contrast, under Obama, almost five government jobs were added for every one manufacturing job.

Lewis also fails to mention (or perhaps is unaware) that the number of people applying for unemployment benefits for the first time hit a 49-year low last September.

Dave Malone



I’m sorry if I offended anybody in my letter (April 5). But the fact remains that most members of the Democratic Party who hold a political office, and who claim to be a Christian, do not believe that life begins at conception and that marriage is legal in the eyes of God only between one man and one woman, not man and man or woman and woman.

Jenny Lewis (letter, April 9) also informed me that President Trump is not perfect in that he has been known to employ prostitutes and grab women while talking to them.

I didn’t know that we were all supposed to be perfect. I was under the misguided idea that Jesus was the only perfect one and that is the reason we celebrate Easter. What a fool I’ve been all these years. It’s nice to have someone like Ms. Lewis to inform me of my mistakes.

I also don’t understand how she can read Don Iliff or Jim Brant’s letters and not get the idea that they don’t believe that there is a God or a savior.

If Lewis is a Christian, I say good. But does she believe that an unborn baby is human even before it is born? Is homosexuality a sin?

If she believes the opposite, then she is far from being a true Christian.

Bill Stock



President Trump thanked Saudi Arabia when gas prices fell below two dollars. Why is he tongue-tied to them now since the price is well over that?

William Steinman