Findlay seems to have a great school system. Nevertheless, I have a problem with the grade school children being influenced with excessive mythology.

A system that has kicked out God, along with prayer and the Ten Commandments, has now ushered in Buddha, along with many other Greek gods.

The children are also learning about horoscopes and what their own “signs” are. Some of the grade school teachers are even having the children sit on the classroom floor and meditate in a meditation pose.

They are told it is a form of relaxation and to make their minds go “blank” and to empty out all the stress in their lives. This is unacceptable.

Even their touch typing classes are taught with dance mat typing. A hippo says, “OK all you little ‘gods’ & ‘goddesses,’ now put your fingers on the home keys.” (This can be found on the Findlaycityschools.org site. Click on “students.” then scroll down to Dance Mat typing).

They claim to be teaching culture. This is not just culture, it is a cultural religion (called Hellenism).

If parents are complaining to no avail, they can contact a religious freedom attorney in Washington, D.C., online: ACLJ.org or call 757-226-2489. It is the American Center for Law & Justice, it’s a nonprofit organization.

Barbara Bernal



I would like to know when, and maybe Bill Stock (letters, April 5, 11) can enlighten me on this, homophobia became a central tenet of Christianity.

Maybe my memory is a little hazy, but I certainly don’t ever seem to remember hearing that. Let’s see: faith, love, charity, hate gay people? No, that doesn’t sound right. Something’s off.

It almost seems like, maybe, somewhere along the line, someone just wanted to justify their existing bigotry by finding an obscure Bible passage to cover themselves. And that proud tradition continues today, apparently.

Nowhere in the core beliefs of Christianity does it call for you to be homophobic/transphobic/racist/otherwise bigoted in any way. Jesus himself literally tells you to be the opposite.

If you refuse to see that, then you’re just being willfully ignorant while also using a religion that was founded on tolerance, charity, and acceptance of others to justify your irrational hatred of vast swaths of the population.

Homophobia is not a central pillar of Christianity. You can get rid of it without the whole religion crashing down around you.

Jake Laird