I read the Viewpoint page every day, respond in my mind and then go about my business.

One particular letter from Janet Quarrie, on March 4, has sat in my craw ever since I read it. The letter attacked Mayor Muryn for being “younger and better looking” than the previous mayor, which was an undeserved backhand to Mayor Mihalik.

That short diatribe against our local “cutie” was as biased and prejudiced as I have ever seen in The Courier. Mayor Muryn was attacked for her looks, sex and age.

I believe Ms. Quarrie owes mayors Muryn and Mihalik apologies.

When I was introduced to Lydia Mihalik seven years ago, I was immediately impressed with her intelligence, total grasp of situations, enthusiasm for Findlay and her oratory ability.

The voters were right. She was a tremendous mayor.

I’ve worked for and been appointed to many commissions and boards by every mayor since Bentley Burr, and those leaders were all very good. Mayor Mihalik was the best of the best and in my estimation, Christina Muryn has all the same qualities to continue this service which has served Findlay so well.

Mayor Muryn is intelligent, well-educated (University of Findlay), enthusiastic, level-headed, patient, yet quick to action when needed and well spoken.

She also will be a fulltime mayor representing everyone.

And by the way Ms. Quarrie, Muryn is every bit as nice on the inside as she is on the outside.

I’ve been involved in city politics for many years and I have found the members of the Central Committee to be sincere, educated, honest and determined to do the best for their party and community.

Those members voted using their independence, knowledge of the situation and the people involved.

In an open democratic process, by a 2 to 1 majority, they selected Christina Muryn as the person they felt was best suited to continue representing the City of Findlay as mayor. I would encourage the voters to follow that lead.

Chuck Clapper



Republican state Rep. Bill Reineke entered the 2020 race for the Ohio Senate’s 26th District seat on April 8 just as Ohio taxpayers were learning they may never fully recoup $137 million lost to e-charter attendance scams.

This serves as a reminder that Reineke accepted more than $12,000 in political contributions from Electronic Classroom of the Future founder Bill Lager. ECOT is responsible for nearly $115 million of the total debt owed to Ohio taxpayers from false student attendance data, but has repaid only about $8 million.

ECOT’s abuse of schoolchildren and taxpayers took place on Bill Reineke’s watch while he took more than $12,000 in campaign cash from the founder and architect of the largest, most hurtful charter school scam in the state. Now Reineke’s asking for a promotion.

It looks like Ohio taxpayers will never be made whole. The warning signs of ECOT’s corruption were there for years, but instead of taking action, Reineke took Bill Lager’s checks.

Ohioans deserve legislators who will take action at the first sign of trouble, not wait until it’s too late, when taxpayers are out $137 million.

Dylan Poe



Regarding the Explore Downtown Findlay article (Page B8, April 11): What a nice article about Findlay’s Guitar Ranch!

I have been a customer there for a couple of years and have always experienced excellent personalized customer service. Deb and George have taken the time to listen to my needs and often make recommendations for lower-cost solutions — even if they could have sold me a more expensive product.

There is often parking right in front of the store, but if not, it is worth spending an extra minute or two to find parking. In this age of internet commerce, it is comforting to work personally with small family businesses.

My advice to shoppers: spend some time at the shops in downtown Findlay. I think you will be pleased.

Grover Rutter