William Stock sees it as his duty to periodically condemn anyone who does not believe exactly as he does when it comes to being a Christian, especially concerning homosexuality.

If you are gay or accept others who are gay, you are not a “true Christian” according to him (letter, April 11).

He should be aware that Jesus never so much as mentioned homosexuality. He did say love others as he loves us, and treat others as we want to be treated.

No doubt Stock believes gay people have chosen to be gay, since we believe God makes no mistakes.

If it is a choice, it must be a choice for each one of us, so I ask Mr. Stock and anyone who shares his thinking to tell us when they had to choose their sexuality.

I sure don’t remember having to decide. Why would anyone choose a lifestyle that is subjected to so much opposition, even hatred and violence?

Of course, calling homosexuality a choice, not a predetermined preference, certainly makes it easier to condemn others.

So much for the Golden Rule.

Sharon Oldham



Jake Laird’s letter (April 12) characterizes Bill Stock’s two recent letters as hatred.

I re-read Bill’s letters to make sure I hadn’t missed something that could be construed as hatred but couldn’t find anything.

Jake needs to learn the difference between disapproval and hatred.

Disapproval is a natural reaction to behavior that is contrary to one’s belief system. Hatred goes much deeper and is often associated with open hostility or even violence which is not acceptable.

Jake has, perhaps unknowingly, stepped into a trap that makes the quantum leap from disapproval to hatred.

The left has created and promoted the narrative that if someone on the right states disapproval, they are exhibiting hatred or bigotry; in this case, against homosexuals.

The “hatred” narrative then serves to create a class of victims who are portrayed as victims of an unjust system and simultaneously labels those who disagree as haters.

Lurking beneath a thin veil, is the true agenda of the LBGTQ movement which is not tolerance but widespread acceptance and in some cases, public celebration of their deviance.

Jake suggests that Christian doctrine which disapproves of homosexuality is based on some obscure Bible passage.

Like it or not, God’s word is clear on homosexuality in both the Old Testament as well as the New Testament and to consider it obscure is to be in denial of the truth. Adopting a position in opposition to God’s word is a dangerous place to be spiritually.

Christians are challenged to “hate the sin but love the sinner.” We are also called to speak the truth as presented in the Bible.

If you were driving on a dark, unfamiliar, mountain road, would you want someone to tell you the bridge is out just around the next curve or would you prefer that they remain silent rather than risk offending you?

Being a Christian and living a Christian life is not easy but the reward at the end of this life far exceeds the difficulties of the journey.

Larry Richards



Free health for all!

This is a wonderful idea, but we need to figure out how to pay for it. We winter with many Canadian friends and they are taxed to the point of being unbelievable. They pay taxes including a VAT tax in many provinces, high taxes on everything.

With their health care, they still go to Mexico for drugs and dental care and long waiting periods for health procedures that we take for granted.

James Hitchings