We are told in Scripture that there are ways that seem right to man, but that those ways lead to death.

To my fullest support, I commend all who have initiated and promoted the fetal heartbeat bill, and to Mike DeWine who signed it into law.

God’s wisdom, power and love can be identified in his claim that he made all things, including each of us, in our mother’s womb. In fact, even before he formed us in our mother’s womb, he knew us and his plans for us.

With that understanding, does he not also have the authority and responsibility over the timing of each of our deaths? Are our experiences in the womb not a part of life?

Then, is abortion not murder and subject to its condemnation? Does the punishment not inflict the well-being of our nation as it continues to deteriorate?

The heartbeat bill is a step in the right direction. A full commitment to rejecting all abortion rights, including crisis pregnancies, is commanded in Scripture.

As contrary as that would be to a mother or to a baby in the womb, who suffers from such a condition, the Bible teaches that it is better to obey God, than man.

God is all knowing about the present and the future. He cherishes our faith in his promises and rewards us for our obedience to them.

Tom Lawrence

rural Findlay


The impoverished Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota, the subject of an Associated Press story (Page A5, April 10), is described as covering an area roughly the size of the states of Delaware and Rhode Island combined. It is located about 60 miles east of the Wyoming border in the southwest corner of South Dakota.

The reservation, according to the article, is described as one of the poorest areas in the nation. I cannot, because of space, describe the sad state of affairs of this reservation, home to approximately 20,000 Native Americans.

But it is terrible, and if you can, look it up and read about it in this article. Also, for details on their indigent condition, look up Pine Ridge Reservation online.

Personally, I have always pitied our Native Americans and especially how the federal government has almost always taken advantage of them. Remember, folks, we all live on land taken from them. I feel guilty — how about you?

President Lincoln, after the Civil War, sent George Custer and his men out west to settle the Native American problem. They did, killing men, women, and children.

The latest disregard for Native Americans’ wants and wishes involved a pipeline running east and west through reservation land in the Dakotas.

I also write because of the huge amount of federal money allocated annually for many years for illegal immigrants living in our country. It is difficult, if not impossible, to quote an amount, but I think I could safely say it is hundreds of billions each year.

And yet we allow our nation to disregard the horrible conditions on land that many times, the Feds don’t want.

Of course, we all know that the House of Representatives spends our money, and the liberals voted Nancy Pelosi their leader.

The problem here? She only allows money to be spent to get rid of our president.

Ralph Anderson



Bill Stock’s (letter, April 11) freedom of religion ends where my freedom of religion begins.

I’m a liberal doing my best to follow Jesus. Stock’s argument is with Jesus, not me. Liberals have spent centuries helping the hungry, sick and disabled.

Here is the deal — it doesn’t make any difference if I am for or against abortion, or homosexuality. It is a woman’s constitutional right to choose. It’s a gay person’s constitutional right to choose.

Politicians can say they are against abortion and homosexuality. But there isn’t anything politicians can do about it.

I move on to issues I support or change and vote on.

Trump deserves ridicule and scorn. His vicious behaviors are on public display for all to see. Trump is lying when he says he’s a Christian, as he punishes, attacks and insults immigrants, the poor, women, people of color, Muslims and gays.

To conservatives, Trump is their guiding light. Conservative Christians show their hypocrisy by following a lawless leader who doesn’t care who he hurts or what he destroys.

Church leaders need to do a better job of sharing the Gospel of Jesus. What church leaders are preaching now isn’t working.

Don Iliff