Having been away from Findlay for a few years, I had the opportunity to attend Van Buren Music’s end of the year program this week at the high school.

This included not only the high school concert band, but also the percussion ensemble and a newly formed group called the VB Big Band. It also included the mixed choirs, varsity choir, woman’s choir and the combined choirs.

I know we all see a lot about the Findlay High School music program/performances and their awards, but little is heard or read of the county schools.

Van Buren’s choir and concert group qualified for the state OMEA (Ohio Music Education Association) competition, and came away with a superior in their level.

The directors of the band (Mike Procyk) and the choir (Will Baughman) both have done a fantastic job with all the young men and women involved in the music program. It was a wonderful and relaxing night and I am glad that I was able to attend.

My point is this: It would be great to see coverage of the county school music programs so that everyone in Hancock County will see that each school is interested in helping music stay alive.

Theresa Huntoon



Nineteen percent voter turnout for a primary election is disgraceful. I feel that our very own city fathers are, at least partially, to blame.

In the past, they have ignored the input of their constituents and merrily pursued their own agenda.

This is demonstrated by our beautiful downtown and its now considered dangerous mid-block crossings. Who can blame people for having an apathetic feeling about voting?

The latest demonstration is the deferred tax situation where they argue semantics rather than debate policy.

Even the mayor, new as she is, has no opinion on the matter, so it is left to a single individual to determine who reaps the benefit from this practice, all the while complicating operations in another department.

It appears to be a power struggle between departments, or individuals, and our law director is either unable or unwilling to rule on the matter.

What a shame that the rule of law doesn’t seem to apply here in Findlay. And we wonder why people avoid the polls.

Equal, fair and transparent treatment of all, not just a favored few, should be the process. Until that is demonstrated by our beloved leaders, I fully expect the apathy to continue.

Don Kinn



I miss Paul Harvey. For those too young to remember Paul, he was a Christian conservative and a broadcast journalist who had no equal then or now.

In 1965, Paul did a broadcast piece called “If I were the devil.” In that piece, he talks about things that were happening in our great country then and now.

I invite you to go to You Tube and type in Paul Harvey: “If I were the devil.” Listen carefully, it will give you pause to think.

No matter if you are on the left or the right in politics and you are Christian, you need to examine the things you are voting for. Some of the things that are already law are in line with what the devil would like, as he slowly takes over our country.

In case you missed it, Congress has given witnesses the option of leaving the phrase “so help me God,” out of pledges to tell the truth.

To me, that gives the witness leeway to lie under oath. It’s not to late to correct bad laws. Vote for lawmakers who are Christians and prove it by the way they vote for these laws.

Robert Eisel



I have pondered for several days, wondering if I should bother to respond to Nancy Proctor’s (letter, May 9) diatribe.

Poor lady. Her writing shows education but has it been from Saul Alinski teachings, Rules for Radicals, Marx University, or Big Brother, Orwell?

She stated that Trump is a sociopath. Where did she earn her medical/psych education?

She stated the president should not just go around calling people names, but she did just that. Your wishes will come down upon your head; a biblical reference.

I am not perfect, but neither am I gullible.

June Schwarz



This letter is in regard to Kris Depuy (letter, April 20) and her service dog that was allegedly attacked by a German shepherd. First of all, let me state, I’m not trying to minimize her situation in need of a service dog.

This situation could all have been avoided if Depuy would have had her dog on a leash that fateful day. The owner of the shepherd walks him daily and has done so since he was a pup for 6½ years. There was never a problem.

She was walking him that day when all of a sudden, Kris’ dog, which was unleashed and unharnessed, attacked him from behind.

Of course, he reacted, knocking his owner to the ground and causing her to lose her grip on his leash.

This shepherd is not a vicious dog. He is loving, loyal and very well socialized. I’ve dog-sat him on several occasions. He’s played with my dogs, he is a regular at Riverbend’s K-9 Field of Dreams, and he’s completely comfortable around other dogs.

He’s never an issue. I cannot stand to see this character assassination of him. He’s a wonderful dog and doesn’t deserve it, nor does the very responsible owner.

Kris needs to take responsibility, and be honest that she has caused all of this by not handling her service dog properly.

They are to be leashed and walked with a harness. Stop blaming an innocent dog and owner, when clearly this could have been avoided.

Protect your dog and others by keeping him on a leash! It’s the law!

Jane Campion Kinn


Editor’s note: The letter above, which first appeared in Friday’s Readers’ Views, is being rerun because of an inaccurate headline.