The income tax board’s tax deferral policy needs to either be overhauled or preferably ended.

The eligibility requirements are unknown to the public, as is the process the tax administrator uses to determine whether or not to grant the deferral.

The secrecy surrounding this policy makes it next to impossible for the public to know whether or not the policy is 1) being used appropriately, and 2) whether or not the policy is even needed.

The tax board members who support this policy need to publicly make the case for why the tax deferral policy is needed and explain why Findlay is the only city in the state that needs this policy.

Why are we unique when it comes to collecting quarterly tax estimates?

The citizens of Findlay have the right to hear from the board why this policy is necessary (if indeed it is necessary), the eligibility requirements, how the process works, and what oversight is in place to prevent malfeasance and corruption.

If the tax board members cannot or will not take these actions, then the policy needs to end as soon as possible.

As the incoming 7th Ward councilman, I will strive to promote transparency, honesty and rigorous debate in city government. Those three qualities have been sorely lacking concerning the tax deferral policy of the city.

Josh Palmer



Re: “Plan to rescue nuclear plants revived” (Page A3, May 4).

Energy efficiency programs are a no-brainer for Ohioans. They save money, provide jobs and protect health. They also play an integral role in Ohio’s efforts to fight climate change by reducing the amount of pollution emitted by fossil-fuel-burning power plants.

Since the passage of energy efficiency legislation in 2008, Ohio homes and business have received $2.65 in benefits for every $1 spent on the implemented programs. Energy efficiency also creates Ohio jobs. With almost 80,000 employed by the energy efficiency sector, Ohio stands to lose a lot if attacks on these programs prevail.

And these programs are now under attack. House Bill 6 (HB 6) would institute a misleadingly named “Clean Air Program Fund.” This fund would support Ohio’s outdated nuclear power arm and roll back energy efficiency and renewable energy standards.

Ohio has taken strides to promote energy efficiency programs in our state, but we still have a long way to go. There are still ways Ohio can improve its energy efficiency program, but only if we take steps forward, not back with HB 6.

Contact your state legislators by phone and email to oppose HB 6 and protect Ohio families and businesses.

Molly Hammersmith



The future of Liberty-Benton Local Schools is bright! Thank you to everyone who voted in support of our schools. Also, heartfelt thanks to the dozens of volunteers and supporters who dedicated countless hours, tirelessly and enthusiastically, for our schools because they believe in them and in our community.

It is important to note that our community’s role in student success is not limited to the passage of this ballot issue, and I hope you will continue to support our goal of equipping each Liberty-Benton graduate with the skills and mindset necessary to reach their potential academically and in life.

A school district’s community plays a critical role in providing meaningful educational opportunities both in and out of the classroom. Because of community support, we can adequately address our educational facility needs without diverting funds away from our daily operating budget.

We will soon begin the process of ensuring our students the school facilities that match the great teaching they receive. The new facilities and renovations will provide exciting learning spaces that will serve our students for years to come!

There will be opportunities in the coming months to provide feedback and stay engaged in this process, and we hope to continue to collaborate with our community on this exciting new phase of the journey.

As we move forward, I can assure you that we are committed to finalizing and following a plan that is rooted in our history of strong fiscal management and meeting the needs of our entire school community. I look forward to what the future holds for Liberty-Benton Local Schools and our school community.

These will be exciting times, and I am proud to be part of it!

Mark Kowalski

superintendent, Liberty-Benton Schools


Two recent Viewpoint contributors seemed to have skewed the truth.

Bill Stock (letter, May 8) shamed Don Iliff (letter, May 7) for chastising Trump for his adulterous and imperfect character. Pointing fingers at previous Democratic politicians with mistresses does not make Trump’s behavior any less abhorrent. Stock talking about “holier-than-thou hypocrites” appears comical at best!

And Dave Malone (letter, May 8) seems to be the expert on the Bible’s commandment of “thou shalt not kill,” trying to interpret this as God being against abortion.

How about: Thou shalt not bear false witness, covet, or commit adultery? All of these should be a moot point since there is separation of church and state, so politicians should not allow religion to fog their thoughts.

Believe whatever you want, but don’t allow your religious beliefs to affect your work. One shouldn’t cherry pick to suit certain agendas.

Salena Maazaoui



Unable to defend President Trump’s lying, adultery and stealing, Bill Stock (letter, May 8) attempts to distract us with Russia’s propaganda tool of “what-about-them.”

Using “what-about” the Clintons and Kennedys, Stock attempts to draw attention away from Trump’s lies and depraved behaviors.

Any fourth-grader can diagnose Trump with sociopathology. Trump shows no regard for right and wrong. He antagonizes, manipulates or treats others with coldheartedness while showing no guilt for his behaviors.

Mr. Stock, do we protect a man who constantly lies and cheats? Beginning at a moral level, we need to ask ourselves that question.

Sorry Dave Malone (letter, May 10), but the two men, “miscreants” as you call them, were following Trump’s rhetoric when they assaulted two other men at the Bowling Green Waffle House in April. See:

The article in the BG Independent News states restaurant employees told police two men walked into the restaurant, and another table of men began calling them racial slurs for Hispanic and black people.

One of the targeted men said, “As soon as we walked into the Waffle House, they started saying, “Here come the s—-.” And telling us how Trump was going to take care of us immigrants.” One man ended up with an injured shoulder and bruised back. The other man got a broken nose and other injuries.

Don Iliff



I felt like we were lucky to have two letters in the three days (May 8 and 10) from the local Republican soothsayer, Dave Malone, who had to once again correct another misguided liberal for telling the truth about our uncouth president.

I’m sure I’m not the only one to notice that our blogosphere cherry-picker of alternative facts did not dispute any of the other “salient points” that Don Iliff (letter, May 7) attributed to the Trumpster, did he?

We all have read Malone’s stories, over and over again, and they all have the same outcome. If you do not agree with him, and his crowd, then you are whatever he chooses to call or say you are.

Dave has always pretended to be a blue-collar scholar, but I didn’t know until his May 8 letter that his forked tongue was born again.

Last year, when the president was trying to show the world that he really was a stud muffin by tomahawking that Syrian airstrip, Dave told us that the Trumpster had also deployed some artillery batteries to, as Dave said, “Take names and kick some whatever.”

So much for that thou not kill stuff, huh Dave?

Jim Brant