As an educator, I take offense to Ralph Anderson’s (letter, May 6) manipulation of data to suit his political agenda.

Researching “Budget & Appropriations for Impact Aid” shows a figure of $1.4 billion spent. That includes money for federal property such as VA hospitals, National Parks, Dept. of Education facilities, and construction grants which are in addition to basic support funds for Indian lands, military base low rent housing, and disabled military and Indian students.

Cherry-picking of data is fake news because it’s not totally accurate.

The ACLU was founded in 1920 to ensure the promise of the Bill of Rights in the Constitution to help people who historically had been denied its protections.

Without these, jail time for distribution of anti-war literature, violence against blacks, women couldn’t vote, no LGBTQ rights would all be routine and appropriate today.

Maybe that’s why Ralph thinks these things were amazing since he touts being educated in a public school during this Depression era.

And Ralph thinks it should be a crime to give money to educate “Indians?” What?

In case Ralph pleads ignorance, Native Americans were here first! We took their land and now we shouldn’t have the duty to help undo these travesties?

I guess the teachers Ralph had, back in the day, didn’t teach this stuff.

Salena Maazaoui



The recent LGBTQ activist “assault” to convince Yale University to withdraw stipends to Christian students is alarming to me, considering that Yale was founded in 1701 by the Puritans to prepare men to preach the Gospel.

One of the early presidents of Yale, Ezra Stiles (1778-1795), addressed the governor and the Connecticut Assembly with a speech, entitled “The United States Elevated to Glory and Honor” (May 1783):

“In our lowest and most dangerous state, in 1776 and 1777, we sustained ourselves against the British Army of 6,000 troops, commanded by … the ablest generals Britain could procure throughout Europe, with a naval force of 22,000 seamen in above 80 men-of-war.

Who but a Washington, inspired by heaven, could have conceived the surprise move upon the enemy at Princeton, that Christmas Eve when Washington and his army crossed the Delaware?

Who but the ruler of the winds could have delayed the British reinforcements by three months of contrary ocean winds at a critical point of the war?

Or what but a ‘Providencial Miracle’ at the last minute detected the treacherous scheme of traitor Benedict Arnold, which would have delivered the American army, including George Washington himself, into the hands of the enemy?

On the French role in the Revolution, it is God who so ordered the balancing interests of nations as to produce an irresistible motive in the European maritime powers to take our part … The United States are under peculiar obligations to become holy people unto the Lord our God.”

At age 16, Nathan Hale entered Yale, studying to become a preacher of the Gospel, graduating in 1773.

Hale volunteered for George Washington’s army. He went to Harlem Heights to sketch the positions of the British, was captured and held for treason. He requested a Bible and a preacher and was denied both.

Nathan Hale was hanged on the Sabbath, Sept. 22, 1776. The Provost-Marshal, Cunningham, with brutality, said “Make your dying speech.”

Praying, Hale lifted his eyes upward and clearly said: “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.”

Daniel McDonald



Wow, it appears I kicked the hornet’s nest!

Regarding Salena Maazaoui (letter, May 13): It doesn’t take interpretation to understand God is against killing babies.

Regarding Don Iliff (letter, May 13): Do I need to write a letter listing attacks on conservatives by liberals to reach your level of absurdity? You are missing the point.

Regarding Jim Brant (letter, May 13), there is a slight difference in the moralities involved between killing an enemy and killing babies. The Bible has guidance about dealing with enemies as well, just keep reading.

Dave Malone