This letter is meant to honor Lt. Sharon Lane, U.S. Army nurse.

Fifty years ago today (June 8), Lt. Lane was killed by an incoming rocket attack at the 312th Evacuation Hospital in Chu Lai, Vietnam.

Lt. Lane, of Canton, was the only nurse killed by hostile fire during the Vietnam War.

I know this personally because I was a patient at the 312th Evacuation Hospital on that date, 50 years ago.

I honor all who gave all to protect our freedoms.

William J. Holden Findlay


Don Iliff (letter, June 7) was very upset with letters from Deb Peterson and myself for our views on Christianity.

I’m sorry if I offended you or any other non-believers, but the fact is our God has given all Christians his command to spread the message to the world that he is our creator and our living father who wishes for all, rich or poor, sick or healthy, to come to him and follow him. …

If you are gay or lesbian, had an abortion or live in sin of any kind, he still loves you and wishes for you to love him back.

We do not hate gays, or those who have abortions or commit other sins, because we are all sinners and fall way short of his glory. We only wish to give you the knowledge that God loves you and he wants you to love him back.

Bill Stock Findlay


Dave Malone (letter, May 25) apparently doesn’t think Donald Trump is a hate monger. I guess he and I don’t watch or read the same news.

Funny, the first time riding down the escalator, Trump started his hate mongering when he referred to Mexicans as rapists, drug dealers and criminals.

Then there was the Muslim ban and undocumented immigrants were called animals.

And Dave doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with moving our embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing it as the capital of Israel.

Jerusalem was a divided city for the first 20 years of Israel’s existence. Jews, Arabs and Christians lay claim to its importance.

We were supposed to be neutral in this fight and try to find a resolution to the conflict, not throw a wrench into it. Trump’s hate for Muslims has aggravated any hope for peace in the region.

Dave also thinks Trump’s love for African-Americans is why they have such a low unemployment rate. Trump inherited a booming economy, so he can’t take the credit for these numbers on his own.

Dave wrote Trump must love gays because he secured “billions of dollars of HIV prevention drugs from a pharmaceutical company.”

Then why less than two hours after being sworn in as president were all mentions of LGBTQ issues removed from the official White House webpage?

Salena Maazaoui Findlay