House Bill 6 would create a fund of about $300 million a year, through extra electric bill charges, to subsidize low carbon electricity. Roughly half would go to Ohio’s two nuclear power plants.

The good part of HB6 is that it would make current “renewable” (wind and solar) electricity and energy efficiency mandates voluntary. We should call on the Ohio Senate to separate this feature and pass it.

The problem with wind and solar is they are intermittent, cutting out whenever the wind blows too weakly or strongly or when the sun doesn’t shine. A utility cannot count on them, so it needs more reliable reserve power, ready to come on line fast with some actually generating unneeded electricity, the more wind and solar it has. Renewable electricity can’t be stored economically, as batteries are still much too expensive.

Wind and solar are also very dispersed, requiring lots of land and wiring to generate the same electricity as one compact fossil fueled power plant and deliver it to customers.

These make solar and wind power very expensive. That is despite generous tax breaks, further subsidizing “renewables.” Other states and countries have pushed wind and solar much harder, and generally pay a lot more for electricity. Germany and Denmark have done the most to push renewables. and pay 3 to 4 times as much for household electricity as we do, on average.

Maya Fischhoff (letter, June 6) wrote that if we don’t get much more electricity from “renewables,” Ohio will get even wetter springs followed by summer droughts.

If she doesn’t like that forecast, she should just check other regional climate models’ forecasts, which are likely to be different. Regional climate modeling appears even more unreliable than model forecasting of Earth’s temperature, which averages about twice as much increase projected since 1990 than we’ve actually seen.

Archaeology shows Ohio weather has been cooler and drier or wetter, and warmer and drier or wetter, at different times since the last Ice Age, with no reliable relation to global averages.

Ralph Mullinger



In the beginning God created … those are the first five words in the Bible and whether you accept that truism determines your world view.

The Bible goes on to say that God created the heavens and the earth and later he created Adam and then Eve. He did not create Adam and Steve, or Eve and Evelyn and that is important as a foundation for commentary on the recent local public celebration of a sinful lifestyle which was misguidedly labeled “Pride.”

Some have written in support of this event, saying it is a good thing that Findlay is becoming more inclusive and accepting of behavior that is condemned in the Bible.

This is hardly a good thing. It is actually a very visible sign of societal decline in moral standards established by the God who created us in his image.

Corporate sponsorship of this event is most likely an outgrowth of corporate diversity programs which have to carefully tip-toe through a mine field of political correctness and potential lawsuits in a culture where everyone can find something that is offensive to them.

I fully expect to be labeled as judgmental, hateful, bigoted, and likely some that cannot be printed but to those I say, don’t shoot the messenger!

I didn’t make the rules and I am not charged with the responsibility of judgment. God made the rules and God will judge.

I’m thankful that God, who is fair and just and without prejudice, is in charge.

My only responsibility is to warn of impending disaster based on God’s holy word as presented in the Bible. Consider yourself warned.

I understand that some will say they don’t believe in God, heaven, hell or the Bible. To those I say, what do you believe in, why do you believe that, and does it stack up against the evidence to the contrary?

The good news is there is light at the end of the tunnel. Jesus, the son of God, has the power to transform lives and those who choose to follow him will be forgiven of all sins and spend eternity in heaven.

Larry Richards



Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and those yet undecided … hear yea, hear yea!

The Flag City is changing! Old Glory is being quietly nudged aside, and we are quickly becoming home to the homosexual tricolor.

Flying high from the lightposts, painted on the city streets, and gaily splashed upon the glass of local eateries.

“Pride Month,” you see. Very interesting.

Now, I could relate to being proud of one’s military service, or being proud to be a first responder assisting the community, or proud to have worked your way through higher education and having paid off that student debt, or even proud to have done a hard day’s work in a local factory.

But, being gay, or a fully developed adult who does not know if he/she is a she or a he and proud of it?

Schoolchildren and city officials might be easily swayed, but this writer will never consider this abnormal behavior normal.

Gerald Leguire