On the front page article of The Courier (June 10), a list of Democratic candidates for the 2020 presidential election gave varying views on how to lower the burden of college loan student debt, estimated nationwide at $1.447 trillion.

Every plan would be at taxpayer expense on some level.

Not one plan offered by the collective called for lowering tuitions at colleges and universities. Lowering tuition would do unjust harm to the liberal thought “farm system.”

The average tuition at Harvard University is $50,000 a year. Harvard’s endowment currently stands at $40 billion. Why?

Why not use some of that cash cow to lower tuition costs?

I would urge every graduating senior or parent applying for college to look at the endowment of that institution and decide if said endowment is exorbitant compared to its tuition increases.

Also, beware of colleges offering tuition “freezes.”

My son was under one such “freeze” at the University of Toledo. At the last moment, a course he needed to complete his credits for graduation was surprisingly canceled as the professor went on “sabbatical,” forcing mom and pop into another semester of tuition.

Craig Nichols



I’m impressed when Bill Stock (letter, June 7) used his mental telepathy to receive my thoughts directly, sensing I was very upset with his views on Christianity.

Stock said he is sorry if he offended non-believers by carrying God’s message. It’s time to put on my tin foil hat.

Nevertheless, life must be miserable for those believing God is a punishing God. How horrible it is living in fear-based obedience believing one’s actions might be punished.

I believe Christians, like Stock, are two-faced, using self-righteousness as justification for applying standards of morality to homosexuality as an abomination. Yet Stock fails to apply the same standards of morality to Trump’s psychopathic lies, depraved behavior and speech. According to Scripture, all sin is considered an abomination by God.

I find it interesting Stock calls us non-believers because we disagree with religious beliefs that cause harm, including suicide and violent attacks on others.

Nowhere in the Bible does God say to spread the message condemning the LBGT community or those believing in women’s right to choose.

Stock, like Trump, attempts to control others using fear and punishment. The foundation of Christian beliefs, on the other hand, are unconditional love, mercy and freedom.

Don Iliff