I found the entire situation concerning the doctor charged in the deaths of 25 patients in Columbus to be alarming.

I believe there can be honest disagreement about the safe dose of painkillers to be used in a particular situation. The safest dose would, of course, be zero.

But do we want wards full of people moaning in pain with no relief in sight? An important consideration is the fact that a patient can become tolerant to a certain dose of painkiller and require higher and higher dosages to relieve the pain.

Sometimes this patient might slip over the edge and die. This could happen.

Monday morning quarterbacking is easy. For myself, I would say, “Bring on the painkillers! I accept the risk.” Perhaps the newspaper could poll their readership, either by phone or write-in, to see how many people are willing to take the risk inherent in higher dosages of painkillers.

Carol Adelsperger