Some say that Trump republicanism isn’t truly Republican. Folks! Trump is the glorification of the Republican Party.

Trump is for tax breaks for the corporations and the wealthy. Whatever “trickles down,” the middle and lower classes get.

Trickle-down economics have been a hard-core Republican tenet for years. My dad in the 1940s talked about Republican trickle-down economics.

Voting rights equality has been a political battleground. Republicans only want the “right” people to vote. Republicans have fought against equal rights and pay for women for years.

The Democrats led voting rights and equal rights legislation in the 1960s. If it wasn’t for this legislation, the Fox News ladies would still be in the secretarial pool.

Unions have been a huge factor in worker pay and safety. Republicans fight unions and undermine them every chance they get.

The GI Bill of Rights allowed millions to seek higher education and helped with low-cost housing loans. I was one of those. Republicans are against programs like these because they are too socialist.

They fight raising the minimum wage. Remember when the Republicans said this would put McDonald’s out of business?

The Republican in the White House is no different than Republicans past and present. He just happens to be more corrupt and he lies a lot.

J. David Fletcher



What a disgusting column Kathleen Parker wrote (Viewpoint, June 7). When I read it, I turned red with rage.

How can any American say such terrible things about the president, the beautiful first lady, their family and the president’s cabinet?

This first family has lots of class.

Did writing this column, make Parker feel good? If so, she needs help.

There is a saying: “If you do not have anything good to say about someone — say nothing at all.”

I’m just curious how Parker would describe Miss Piggy from Arkansas and her tribe if they had been in London to meet the queen and the royal family?

Parker is a disgrace to society. Has she ever written anything good about any Republican?

We are not all that bad.

Betty Hartzell



Maya Fischhoff (letter, June 14) wrote in response to my letter (June 10) that wind and solar will soon be cheaper than fossil fuels, which have external costs by increasing global warming, and the U.N.’s IPCC says we have a climate crisis.

Wind and solar costs include big subsidies, and are usually calculated on overly generous utilization rates, ignoring the effect of their unreliability on the electricity supply system. Wind speed outside the correct range or clouds blocking the sun happens in a split-second, so renewables must be replaced instantly, with more reserve power needed with rising renewables, at escalating cost.

The warming trend since 1979 has been about 0.1 degree Centigrade (0.2 F) per decade, barely noticeable. Since 1990 it is about half as much as forecast, and slowed from 1998 instead of accelerating as projected.

The U.N.’s IPCC itself has stated that there has been no rising trend in floods, droughts or hurricanes globally in recent decades, so the small warming trend has had no demonstrable costs.

And, the U.N. founded the IPCC to propagandize the world into signing an international treaty to “save” us from global warming, by crippling our energy systems and sending trillions of dollars to underdeveloped nations.

Ralph Mullinger