If you really want to know what is going on in Findlay, read The Courier and get the rest of the news at Fort Findlay donut shop.

Almost everyone I meet there is able to to carry on a conversation at three levels of communication: banter, the highest level, followed by blarney and B.S.

The difference is that with banter, we are never solemn, sometimes serious, but mostly light.

Although mostly Republican, there are just enough Democrats to avoid arguing about politics, and just enough differences in denominations of belief to avoid arguing about religion. Instead, friendship tends to trump politics and religion, although it’s hard to trump Trump.

Blarney is in the playful middle level, and it’s where we get out the salt shaker for a grain or two. We know no one knows it all, and we aren’t going to get much gospel truth. But all sides know what is going on, unless they are newcomers.

We also know there are risks in swallowing what we hear hook, line and sinker, so there is no shortage of skeptics. But we still feel free to express all opinions, even those for which we have no evidence.

If we have evidence, it’s a bonus and becomes banter.

The lower level is B.S. and is usually at least sincere. We expect fishermen to usually lie, because catching fish is their specialty, not measuring their catch.

We do get a few zealots who see only one side of an issue, but we learn to eventually apply a discount factor to their zeal. This can get as high as 90 percent and as low as 10 percent, but most B.S. is somewhere in the middle, and becomes borderline blarney.

Tom Murphy



I see Craig Nichols (letter, June 20) must have forgotten his edict of not bringing up the past.

According to the pick and choose Republican history, and for that matter who really cares what she does now, Hillary Clinton lost the election by a gazillion hanging chads, not to mention the 23,777 votes received from good old Republicanville, way back on Nov. 8, 2016.

Which reminds me, that was also when Comrade Putin got his early Christmas present — a “useful idiot” is how I believe he lovingly called it.

Speaking of the here and now, I saw on the tube that our humanitarian-in-chief is going to use those Japanese internment camp houses at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, Army base as a modern day all-American concentration camp, to keep all of the dangerous little kids he has kept in them cages down in Texas.

Well anyway, I can’t figure out guys like Craig. I have no doubt if he rear-ended one of them illegals, he would want them arrested for not having a valid driver license.

Oh well, I’m reminded of that old cliche of not counting your chickens before they are hatched. You see, the last time around, there were almost three million more of us Americans that weren’t stupid enough to vote for Comrade Putin’s lackey.

Jim Brant