I have lived in Findlay for 15 years and have been an avid runner.

I run through the neighborhoods 5-6 nights a week either 5k or 10k at a time. I have always been a sidewalk runner as I feel the streets are for non-pedestrians.

I am bothered by “runners” who feel the need to run in the street, especially in the dark or in inclement weather.

The safe, courteous thing to do is run on the sidewalk.

There is certainly more peril running in traffic than the occasional uneven sidewalk.

There has to be guidelines for this, Findlay.

John White



Regarding the two pictures on the front page of the June 21 Courier, the cars driving/plowing through high water, why would the newspaper glamorize something that could cause a death or tragic accident?

First responders, weather forecasters and rescue teams say “Turn Around, Don’t Drown.” The caption under the photos should have read “This is what not to do.”

The Courier should be more responsible.

Karen Spurgat



OK. Enough is enough. We are supposed to all be Americans. I’m so tired of all the bull that’s going on with our country.

First, Congress is elected by the taxpayers and all I can say is our congressmen are doing a bad job. They make too much money and have benefits that are better than us hard-working people.

All Congress has done is tear this country apart. They don’t like the president because he’s a businessman and not a career politician. They constantly find fault with everything he does. It’s getting so old.

Every time you turn on the news it’s nothing but everything he’s done wrong or something he did 20 years ago.

We now have 23 Democrats running for office. I must admit I was impressed with one of the candidates until her speechwriter gave a speech. I know they hire all these people to help run campaigns well, but she bombed and lost my attention really fast.

I guess what I’m saying is career politicians are ruining our country. The president doesn’t have to do anything.

Enough is enough. Get rid of all the old career politicians and get some new blood.

Our country is doomed with the younger generation who don’t know how to work or the history of this country.

Everything offends them, they demand historical landmarks be taken down or they destroy them.

Enough of this fighting. Start running this country the way it should be run. Politicians should stop lining their pockets with kickbacks just to change the rules to make them look good. If they don’t like the president, leave office and let someone else do the job. I am proud to be an American and I am proud of this country. My son is in the military and I think everyone who can serve in the military should.

If more did, maybe young people would have more respect for the country and our government.

Becky Wells-Freeman



According to an article in the June 22 Courier, the annual wine festival has changed the name this year. So, change the location of the event in future years, too.

Our city and county public parks should always be drug-free areas for individuals and families to enjoy.

Alvera Sams