In many respects, diversity is a good thing. With diversity we have many different foods and cultures to enjoy.

And since the city of Findlay enjoys celebrating diversity by designating a month to different diversity groups, I would like to suggest we also include the following ones to celebrate during other months during the year.

Let us celebrate golfers in July. They bring the joy of playing outdoors to our city. Then, in August, let us designate the month to all dog owners as it is the perfect “dog days of summer” month.

In September we can celebrate all cat owners; and October as the celebration of all Germans, thus Oktoberfest.

In November we can celebrate the American Indian as they were the ones who aided the pilgrims when they landed in this new land.

Of course, Findlay and its businesses could just use the moniker that everyone is welcome and avoid the division this has caused, unless the plan is to divide us.

Sharon Stilipec

rural Findlay


I was somewhat confused as I read Don Iliff’s response (June 19) to my letter (June 15).

My intent was not to hold President Donald Trump to a different standard. To be honest, I never even mentioned Trump in my letter.

Trump is just a man, as Iliff and myself are just men.

I have heard it said and believe it to be true that “Even the best of men are men at best.”

My letter stated that there was only one perfect man who took our place on a cross, Jesus Christ. Life was really not about us, it is all about him. That us includes Trump, Iliff and Shank.

I wrote the letter to lift up the name of Jesus Christ. I cannot, and will not, deny my faith as it is written in the entire Bible … from Genesis to Revelation.

The intent of this letter is not to defend what I believe for that would be impossible in a writing limited to 350 words with no face-to-face contact. …

That said, I would be more than willing to sit down with Don or anyone over a cup of coffee and spend as much time as necessary to speak about the Christ whom I know.

Art Shank