I think that paying reparations to people is a bad precedent. Our generation had nothing to do with slavery.

Everybody knows it was wrong, but history shows that a lot of things were wrong in making this country.

We can’t forget or just take down monuments and change names of buildings and streets. We can’t change history, only the future.

Paying somebody for something that happened 50, 100, or 200 years ago isn’t going to change anything.

The so-called smart people we have running this country are a joke. They pay millions of dollars to get a job that pays thousands of dollars.

I’m not a smart man, but that doesn’t make a heck of a lot of sense to me.

Have you ever heard of a so-called public servant that came out poorer than when they went into office?

I hope more people are as tired of the people we get to vote for as I am. Now we have, it seems like, 100 Democrats who aren’t doing their jobs because they are out running for president.

Republicans have Trump. I say let’s vote for none of the above.

Bruce Shaull



Student loan debt is now about $1.5 trillion and college graduates are having difficulty paying off their loans. In many cases they were not given proper financial counseling before entering college.

Here are two suggestions to help ease this burden:

1. Refinance all government student loans to a lower rate, and motivate banks to do likewise. Defaults should then decrease.

2. Calculate the minimum amount due each year based on a percentage of the student’s income.

Then, I would like to suggest how less debt might be accumulated from now on, and the money better spent.

First of all, live classroom lectures in the universities should have gone the way of the dodo by now with all the modern technology available. College students can study on their own, sometimes with the aid of tutors, and then use what they have learned by participating in small group discussions, simulations and labs.

The college teachers should find their new academic role quite stimulating. Is a four-year course of study really necessary for all college majors? If not, think of the savings!

Those attending college should have acquired a liberal education in high school. There are also many free online courses available on a variety of subjects such as those offered by the Khan Academy.

If, for example, you are not interested in the sciences as a vocation, but find algebra and calculus fascinating, then study these subjects on your own time instead of wasting time, energy, and money in a college classroom learning the fundamentals of subjects you will never use. If you go to college to “find yourself,” you may find yourself after graduation at a low-skill, low-paying job.

You don’t get paid for what you know, you get paid for what you do with what you know. It’s wise to keep this in mind.

Carol Adelsperger



At about 1:30 a.m. Saturday, while I was at work, my wife was awakened by a blaring smoke detector.

She could smell or see no smoke or fire and she waited outside as the 911 dispatcher recommended. When the firemen arrived they also determined there was no fire.

This particular smoke detector is a sealed unit designed to last 10 years without a battery change. As a sealed unit it is not supposed to be able to be opened. It is equipped with an off switch if it needs to be shut off.

However, this switch did not silence the alarm.

One of the firemen went the extra mile and pried the unit open and disconnected the battery; no easy task.

They then gave her a new smoke detector and even installed it for us.

We all appreciate the work of emergency responders in keeping us safe. But I want to thank them for going far and above what they had to do for us.

Kenneth R. Roush