In the Friday’s Reader’s View, “Border problem is maddening,” Marilyn Sheidler wrote, “I am angry, no furious” about the crisis at our southern border and the treatment of the illegals at our southern border.

Well, Rip Van Winkle, today (July 8) it will be seven months to the day, in a joint communication, that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer made a statement saying that the southern border was a “manufactured crisis.” Every major news outlet trumpeted “manufactured crisis.”

This view was held all the way up to last week’s passage of the $4.6 billion emergency aid package passed by Congress and signed by the president.

As far as “sleeping on cold concrete floors,” Democrats opposed Wayfair selling beds to the border patrol at one of its Texas facilities. That was “cold.”

I would offer a challenge to Sheidler: Find me between five and 10 .org charitable websites set for charitable contributions to illegals by elitist Democrats or Hollywood hypocrites other than Catholic charities and I will donate $25 to one of them.

Where are the massive entertainment festivals like “Farm Aid” raising donations from all the liberal entertainment types “outraged” by conditions at the border?

I will have to agree that Trump’s Fourth of July spending of $2.5 million syphoned from the National Park Service was uncalled for, but I am also appalled by Macy’s spending of $6-$8 million for its New York City fireworks display on the Fourth while an estimated 80,000 New Yorkers are homeless.

Craig Nichols



On Saturday, June 29, I attended a fundraising event at the Elks Lodge. The event was to raise money for honor flights for veterans to fly to Washington, D.C., for a day.

I, myself, was on one of those flights about five years ago. That flight was for World War II vets in this area. It was a great day for us, as we enjoyed visiting all the memorials, especially the World War II memorial.

The problem was, we were all in our 90s, and it was pretty hard to move about, using wheelchairs, walkers, canes and crutches. I’d like to salute those who started this program, as it’s great for all vets of all the wars.

The reason for fundraising is that it costs about $100,000 to fly these vets there and back, at no cost for the veterans.

To think that all of us guys were young boys, from 19 to 22 on average, and fighting and dying to make sure our country would stay free.

Tom Brokaw was right when he stated that WWII vets were the greatest generation. The WWII vets are leaving us at a fast rate, so if you see any veteran, shake hands with them as in a few short years, we’ll all be a memory.

Also, if people can possibly support the Flag City Honor Flight, donate what you can, because it’s a great tribute to all veterans.

Thank you all!

Tom Daley Sr.