The announcement recently that Nike corporation is to discontinue its Betsy Ross flag shoe in the face of Colin Kaepernick’s statement that our founding flag is racist is saddening beyond belief for most Americans.

Some have suggested that Nike’s move was a marketing ploy. Whether it is or not, it is still sickening.

One of the definitions of fascism is the amalgamation of big business and a single radical political party vis-a-vis government. In this era where the media is the tail that wags the Democratic Party’s dog, it is not a stretch to say that the amalgamation of Nike’s position in this announcement and the off-the-wall radicalism of the left is real postmodern fascism, despite what the left and antifa attempt to ignite against President Trump using this wildly misrepresented term.

Everything that the left accuses the president of doing or saying, is exactly what the left does in reality.

From Joe Biden’s recent mea culpa for supporting racist Democrats of the past to AOC’s lies about illegal immigrants drinking toilet water, these latter-day fascists are overplaying their very poor poker hands.

They are blithering idiots, and it shows.

Michael Janton



The location of the July Fourth parade was advertised as starting at Baldwin Avenue.

Who changed it and why? It started at Lima and Main.

Hoards of people were packed together in the hot sun. That’s not fun. If it had started on Baldwin, people could have spread out under the shade trees and actually enjoyed the parade. What wunderkind made the decision to suffocate the parade-watchers?

Elaine Ashley