I find it rather tiresome reading the same Republican garbage over and over again, as I read in Wayne Baldridge’s (July 5) letter.

I’m sure by now that everyone in Hancock County knows exactly how Wayne and Ralph Anderson feel about the ACLU. As for Dr. Ben Carson, the last I heard about him was that he traded in his “hammer” for a $31,000 table and some chairs.

Speaking of the KKK, the biggest lying, openly racist person ever to disgrace the office of the president of the United States is a Republican named Donald John Trump, even if he has never heard of David Duke.

We have all watched CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, PBS and, I suppose, “Trump News.” We have also heard about what our dictator in chief has to say about Hispanics. He said they are rapists, murderers, gang members, drug lords and even animals.

Then there are those Muslim folks, who are mostly terrorists and must be stopped at the border until “We can figure out what the hell is going on.”

Shucks, remember how Trump felt sorry for Ghazala Khan for not talking and then turns around and gives Stormy and that Playboy bunny $280,000 to keep still.

The Trumpster told them White House flunkies of his that most of the countries in Africa were just s—hole countries anyway. Then there was Obama, who was born in a mud hut in Kenya, not to mention that SOB Colin Kaepernick.

Oh well, if you ask me, Mr. Baldridge, racism is alive and doing well in the White House. However on the local scene, I think that Wayne would be better off writing his next sermon on stuff he is an expert on, like turtles climbing fence posts.

Jim Brant