In late June of this year, I received a letter from the Findlay mayor and the city Engineering Department. In partnership with the Ohio Department of Transportation, it seems that the city and the state of Ohio will be enhancing pedestrian and bicycle transportation along Blanchard and Lincoln streets.

In order to do so, South Blanchard Street from Sixth Street to Tiffin Avenue will be reduced to one lane going north and one lane going south, with a center turn lane. There will be a 5-foot bike lane on each side.

The letter claims this will provide a safe connection to Tiffin Avenue, Emory Adams Park, and … downtown Findlay.

It also stated that during construction of this project, the westbound lane of Lincoln Street will be closed and Lincoln will be one-way east.

Plus, it seems that during construction, I will no have access to my drive or property! I would assume that I am not the only property owner that received this letter.

Having lived here for the past 30 years or so, I can tell you it’s a big problem for the bike riders. All three, maybe four per day.

We were once told that the city would like us to use Blanchard Street and Western Avenue for north/south use due to Main Street being reduced, due to our wonderful islands.

My question is, why on an already increased traffic street, Blanchard, would it become one lane north and one lane south?

I don’t remember any notification of meetings of the citizens on the impact of this.

I suspect that in lieu of just repaving Blanchard, the city asked for “free” money from the state. Well, it seems they got it, but with conditions: reduced lanes on a major north/south corridor.

Bike lanes? Really?

It seems that our local government can be swayed by free money, no matter how it affects the citizens of Findlay, who should remind the mayor and council members just who they work for!

Michael Stahl