I was happy to see the multiple articles about veterans in the region. As pointed out in the Courier article, “Women vets tell their stories” (Page A6, June 14), Ohio is home to 67,000 women veterans, which represents 8 percent of the total veteran population in the state.

Since their acceptance into the regular armed forces, women have continued to answer the call to service, yet the women often feel ignored or invisible.

The Ohio Women Veterans Advisory Committee, of which I am proud to be a part of, works to make women’s service more visible and to empower women veterans to claim their service. As part of this effort, we help to plan a conference that brings women veterans together for fellowship and fun.

This year the Ohio Women Veterans Conference will be held on Aug. 10 on the Ohio State University main campus, with preconference events happening throughout Columbus on Aug. 9.

I hope women veterans will join me and their sisters in service at this great event. More information about the conference, as well as how to register, can be found at OhioVets.gov. Deadline to register is July 31.

Theresa Schroeder Hageman



President Trump’s racism and bigotry are illegal and immoral. Trump tweeting and saying four female House members of color need to go back to where they came from is racist.

That’s no surprise to most Americans. Trump has a history of racism for most of his life.

Trump’s ethnic slurs are poisoning America. Republicans are drinking the Kool-Aid. Discrimination due to national origin is illegal. Examples of potentially unlawful conduct include insults, taunting or ethnic epithets, such as making fun of a person’s accent or comments like, “Go back to where you came from,” according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Trump is using racist and bigoted remarks to feed his base. Anyone who supports, condones and fails to speak out against Trump’s racism is in collusion with Trump. Criticizing Trump for his atrocious racism and bigotry is the duty of every American.

Speaking out when Trump treats those of color as less than human needs to be shouted out by every American. Trump’s racism and bigotry isn’t a political problem — it is a moral and compassion problem that every American should condemn. It is everyone’s patriotic duty to protect the Constitution and the diversity of our country.

President Reagan said we must never remain silent in the face of bigotry. We must condemn those who seek to divide us. We must teach tolerance and denounce racism, anti-Semitism and all ethnic or religious bigotry wherever they exist as unacceptable evils. Reagan said, “We have no place for haters in America — none, whatsoever.”

Unfortunately, Trump wants to use race and bigotry to divide us. Trump’s plan is to divide white Americans against the “others.” He has built his campaign and presidency on discrimination, fear, anger and paranoia. Trump doesn’t want to lose his racist supporters and the endorsements of white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and the Ku Klux Klan.

The mood was jubilant on David Duke’s (former KKK grand wizard) radio show. A white supremacist said white supremacists have taken over the Republican Party. It appears Trump and his racist, bigoted supporters believe there is more work to do.

Don Iliff



Question: If today’s presidential Democratic contenders were in control of NASA in the 1960s, would we ever have reached the moon on July 20, 1969?

Far-left progressives like Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, etc., berated Joe Biden for working with segregationists while in the U.S. Senate, with many calling him racist.

What would the current crop of Democrats think of President John F. Kennedy openly embracing and employing an ex-Nazi (a real fascist Nazi) to control the Saturn missile program to launch Apollo astronauts to the moon, while knowing he was personally responsible for killing thousands of Englanders during WWII with his V-2 missiles?

Wernher von Braun was hailed as a hero in America for his work on the Saturn 1B through 5 series missiles. Not today. Under (current) Democratic leadership, Neil Armstrong would be a Nazi sympathizer and demagogue. And the Russians would have beaten the U.S. to the moon.

Craig Nichols