After a tragedy like Dayton and El Paso, we always ask, “How could this happen?” It’s from all of us!

People saw signs of mental illness in these people and did nothing, said nothing! They are just as guilty as the shooter!

If someone, just one, had done something years earlier they could possibly have saved lives. He’s sick and can’t help it! The ones who ignored it aren’t.

It’s our not wanting to get involved. Not the gun laws.

Stand up, people. Do the right thing. Wouldn’t you want someone to do it for you?

David Barringer



Rosemary Jacob (letter, Aug. 7) wondered who was responsible for the hanging flower baskets adorning the light poles in downtown Findlay. The Downtown Findlay Improvement District (DFID) is responsible for these “sparks of joy.”

The DFID comprises downtown property owners who have agreed to tax themselves in order to enhance downtown Findlay. The flowering baskets are just one of our efforts.

DFID’s focus is to improve the safety and enhance the beauty of downtown Findlay. The DFID helped to fund the cigarette containers, the music system, the watering systems, and the Christmas season decorations.

We helped initiate the downtown banners and now contract a local company that walks the district two times per week to pick up trash, cigarette butts, do weeding, and otherwise beautify downtown.

The DFID works in partnership with the City of Findlay and local business owners to promote a clean, safe and vibrant downtown Findlay.

Rosemary Jacob, we are glad you noticed!

Jill Wagner

president, Downtown Findlay Improvement District


We can stop the harmful algae blooms, but we must make certain our legislators do their jobs.

Lake Erie is amid another serious harmful algae bloom (HAB). We knew that the conditions were right for a serious bloom to develop with the HAB forecast of 7.5, but we hoped that it would not develop as predicted.

We can solve the problems that are creating these nearly annual events. Gov. Mike DeWine has provided the leadership. His administration has developed a plan that can work.

The Lake Erie Foundation has been involved with the H2Ohio plan’s development and feels that it can make a difference. The plan includes an effort to target small watersheds and evaluate the performance of on-ground practices’ actual impacts on nutrient losses while creating better understanding.

The leadership that DeWine has demonstrated in prioritizing meaningful improvements of Ohio waterways and Lake Erie with the H2Ohio initiative is encouraging, and Lake Erie Foundation continues to believe that there can be clean water and profitable farming.

The Ohio General Assembly needs to pass DeWine’s H2Ohio initiative promptly to avoid delays in implementing the programs.

Rick Graham

board member,

Lake Erie Foundation



On Monday as I was running errands around town with my mom, I noticed the majority of the businesses in Findlay had their flags being flown at half-staff.

I know this was ordered by President Trump in light of the recent mass shootings.

One of the places that my mom and I had to go to was the Social Security office, and we noticed something that we had never noticed before. The Social Security office does not have an American flag being flown on their property.

This actually shocked my mother and me because this is government property. I thought all government buildings had our nation’s flag flying on their property, and you’d think they definitely would since they’re located in Flag City, USA.

Just a thought.

Tiffany Laberdee