Most arguments against the changing of existing infrastructure by the addition of bicycle lanes are founded upon personal beliefs (which tend to be biased) and colloquial experiences, versus collected and interpreted data from reputable sources. Evidence suggests that the addition of bike lanes to existing roadways make a city safer for all residents and visitors and improve the social fabric of the community.

It would be surprising to find a Findlay resident who would not advocate for a safer community. A study in the Journal of Transport and Health analyzed city traffic fatalities and injuries over the past 13 years and found that cities with higher bicycling mode shares have better road safety records. This is associated with an increase in biking facilities and higher intersection density. The greater number of bike lanes makes all commuters more aware of their surroundings. A higher density of vehicles at an intersection naturally creates a lower-speed environment, hence safer. By incorporating bike lanes into Findlay there is a chance that traffic accidents could be reduced.

The social fabric of Findlay, which we should embrace as residents, includes a wide demographic range of wealth, ethnicities, education levels, and regional values. Our fabric can only improve with the addition of bike lanes. They are safe and highly visible and create another viable option to patronize local shops and restaurants. This built environment (which includes greenspace, sidewalks, parks, trails, etc.) creates a more cohesive and supportive city, which positively impacts the health of its community members.

Multiple studies have shown that the greater the built environment a city has, the lower the level of obesity and chronic disease of its inhabitants. A study in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine found that the more time residents spend outside engaging in light to moderate physical activity, the greater their overall physical health.

By supporting and embracing the addition of bike lanes in Findlay, we are adding one more piece in creating a happier and healthier city for everyone who lives here.

Brian Whitaker



According to Sen. Rob Portman, a Republican from Ohio, (Viewpoint column, Aug. 2) we have a border crisis. No kidding! He must read the liberal news media.

I understand he runs for reelection in 2022. He is a very smart man to begin his campaign early. He knows the liberal news media elects the liberal left and even the right side also. Like I say, Portman is smart — he takes no chances.

He never once mentioned Donald Trump in his column. And I thought we had a two-party government. I saw Portman’s picture and I had to imagine those large teardrops running down his cheeks. He sounded so sad. I’ll just have to send him a case of Kleenex.

He talks to all the illegals and does he feel sorry for them. He’s all for spending our tax money for all they need. Nancy Pelosi evidently is Portman’s favorite. Everything that happens at the border is funded for the liberals’ wishes. The House and its leader vote nothing for the president but only what Nancy wants. And by golly, that’s what Portman wants, too. He doesn’t question why we allow these South Americans into our country. If I didn’t know better, I’d think he never heard of socialism.

I hate to be sarcastic, but fellow citizens, can we continue as a great nation with a one-party system? I fear not.

Ralph Anderson