After reading the The Courier’s articles and several “letters to the editor” regarding the proposed new bike paths, I have some questions and concerns myself.

Let me start by saying that I have nothing against bicycle riders or bike paths, but I do wonder what percentage of our city’s population do these proposed new bike paths actually benefit?

Have the planners taken into consideration whether or not the cost of these additions to Blanchard Street, County Road 236, East Main Cross Street and Lincoln Street will benefit the majority of the citizens of Findlay? Grants or not, the funds are still a use of taxpayer dollars.

Both Blanchard Street and County 236 have heavy truck and business traffic, so are bike paths even safe in these locations? As one writer already suggested, why not just widen the sidewalks to accommodate both pedestrians and cyclists?

County 236 connects three major highways — Ohio 12, U.S. 224 and Ohio 568 — and accordingly gets very heavy traffic on a consistent basis.

The section of County 236 between Fostoria Avenue and Tiffin Avenue was reconstructed, several years ago, to be five lanes wide (two lanes of travel in each direction and a center turn lane) with curbs and sidewalks on both sides.

I assume this was done to accommodate heavy truck and business traffic as well as provide safety, in the form of sidewalks, for pedestrians and maybe even cyclists?

I wonder if the same is being considered for the section extending to Sandusky Street? There may not be adequate right of way but, if there is, it should at least be considered since this section currently only has two lanes for traffic but still gets very heavy truck traffic.

And, once you are south of the businesses that occupy the southwest and southeast corners of the intersection with Tiffin Avenue, it is primarily residential and there are no curbs or sidewalks.

This section of County 236 might be a good area to consider wider sidewalks to accommodate both pedestrians and cyclists.

Steve Schroeder



I used to vote as an independent, choosing the candidate I felt most worthy. No more! As of now, I would never vote for a Republican.

I cannot fathom a party that will not stand up to a president who promotes policies that:

• Do not protect our planet.

• Do not protect endangered species (which we may become if climate change is not addressed).

• Do not protect our citizens from mass slaughter with artillery-style weapons.

• Do not display any signs of empathy for immigrants as they separate children from parents.

• Do not follow the rules of the Constitution.

All of these issues deserve leadership that stands up for doing the right thing, not followers of Trump fearful of not being reelected.

Sometimes you have to vote your conscience to protect our democracy. Officeholders may be voted out by their constituents — even in Ohio.

Bette Jo Hammer-Murphy



Ever since they put in those center dividers in the downtown area to supposedly “beautify” it, all I can do is shake my head and ask why.

I’ve never understood it and would like to know whose bright idea it was in the first place. I know for a fact I would have never voted for this monstrosity. It doesn’t make an ounce of sense to me, and a recent observation just confirmed that.

I was at a Findlay landmark, Wilson’s, for a bite to eat when there was a fire run. All the emergency lights came on for people to move to the side of the road, but that was impossible because there were six cars in each lane at the red light.

Motorists were running red lights and turning onto side streets just to get out of the way, almost causing accidents.

It’s bad enough the downtown area resembles a ghost town, has hideous-looking trees with Christmas lights on them at night, and there is no good way at all for emergency personnel to get down Main Street.

That point was proven during that fire run. Firemen eventually were able to get down the road, but I really think the dividers need to go. What’s it going to take before a house burns down to the ground just because some people think they needed to make Findlay more “attractive”?

Doug May