One more time, the forces of the law covered themselves with glory the other day with the capture of close to 700 “hardened criminals” in the great state of Mississippi.

They did it with an operation planned and performed with great secrecy, due to the nature of the individuals to be rounded up. According to the news, all of them were engaged in the same criminal activity, which was — gasp! — working illegally at some chicken processing plants.

Also, these individuals, who had been in the area for quite some time, had the audacity of forming families and had sons and daughters born in this great country.

If all this was not enough, they contributed to the local economies, they paid taxes through the purchases they made and — yes — they worked.

All of this was done in the poorest state in the Union. Shame on them!

But the long arm of the law finally caught up with them and now most of them will be sent back to where they came from (Where have I heard those words before?).

What will happen to the kids they fathered? The present administration does not care; they want only to make sure you and I sleep at ease tonight knowing that those criminals are no longer roaming the streets of this great country.

Eligio Sierra



I had to laugh when I read The Courier’s View (Aug. 7). Mike DeWine and John Kasich are just two more NRA sheep, like Mitch McConnell and President Trump’s new caddy, Sen. Lindsey Graham.

They are like all Republicans with their lies, the libs are coming for our guns and they will be here tonight!

That designer-dressed crook Wayne LaPierre used to write me every damn month, asking for a donation to stop Bill Clinton, and then it was Hillary and then Obama, from taking my Red Rider BB gun. That was until I wrote him that I could no longer afford his wardrobe and where he could shove my subscription to his magazine.

On the other hand, he did at long last fire that idiot Oliver North.

Oh well, for the edification of some of our most renowned blogasphere addicts, I should like to say that the last time I called Bindel’s Appliance, they informed me that they will not pick up your old washer for free.

Which brings me to tell all the redneck Republican gun nuts that your AK-47 or your AR-15 with 100-round drums will not save our country from a hostile takeover.

Trump has already done it, and all he needed was his little tweeter, so to speak.

Jim Brant