In response to the Guest View (Viewpoint, Aug. 30), Mark Mix mentions a person could be fired for not paying union dues. It would be extremely rare that this person didn’t know this when they were hired.

The “Right to Work” debate looks like “Corporate America” trying to do away with unions. This would not be good for anyone.

The blue-collar worker relies on labor unions to get paid a fair wage, plus benefits and safe working conditions. The percentage of American workers represented by a labor union has been on the decline since the late 1970s to the early 1980s.

It is no coincidence that in the last 40 years, the working class has continually lost “expendable income.” Many workers today can’t afford proper health care for themselves or their children because their co-pays are too expensive.

I’ve worked for the last 40 years, mostly in non-union construction. I’ve always been glad that unions exist.

Labor unions work to get their members a higher standard of living, and the non-union workers benefit from these higher standards.

Everyone should be concerned with the health of the working class. Everyone’s job depends on it.

Please join me in voting down this “Right to Work” law and in thanking a union member who paid their dues.

Greg Draper



We read (Page A3, Sept. 4) of the plans by our elected county commissioners to borrow $2 million for a new probate court/juvenile court and county offices, on top of the $5.8 million that they had already approved.

Let us review a little of the history, as it is quite difficult to remember and keep up with these continuing issues facing Hancock County.

Back in 2017, a quarter-percent sales tax was imposed on our citizens for county operations. An additional two quarter-percent sales tax levies were placed before voters, to fund flood mitigation, for jail space, offices and infrastructure upkeep. These were defeated.

In 2018, the commissioners borrowed $1.5 million to get the county’s juvenile/probate court renovated. The 150-year-old building had serious deficits that needed to be addressed.

Some remedial work was done but this still did not address the county jail’s continued issues. The county borrowed $1.5 million to just repair the doors and windows of the 30-year-old jail, which still has serious overcrowding issues!

Taxpayers started to hear again that a new juvenile/probate court building was needed and now there are designs of what the building may be.

Missing from the most recent article, however, was that the commissioners are considering attaching this new structure to our historic courthouse. This is very disconcerting and should involve public input for something so physically altering to our beautiful courthouse.

Do remember the glass heat-house attached for security, that doesn’t work as designed, and will probably be removed.

Elected officials are to serve as “fiscal officers and custodians” of our money. I urge citizens to get involved.

The permanent alteration of a significant historical structure in Findlay is a major issue, considering that the courthouse is in our historic district.

Even city Auditor Jim Staschiak, in reference to the bicycle path debate, said projects should entail vetting and more public input.

Remember the historic jail that was torn down in the middle of the night? We need to keep a watchful eye and have a say on community issues.

Cathy Weygandt



Regarding Ralph Anderson’s letter (Aug. 4) about the prospect of Hillary Clinton and “open borders:” That’s just nonsense.

The Dems don’t want open borders any more than they want to take your guns away or force you to peek into the bedrooms of same-sex couples. This is just the kind of fear-mongering and hateful rhetoric that Trump and his supporters love to spout.

The Dems want sensible and responsible gun laws. They want us to stop putting kids in cages and separating them from their parents. And they want us to stay out of other people’s bedrooms. Is that so horrible?

By the way, Anderson’s comments about “the millions of Muslims moving into our country” is not only offensive, it’s ignorant. Anderson equates Muslims with terrorists, which is exactly what Trump wants him and others to do. He doesn’t know the difference and apparently neither does Anderson.

News flash: Trump lies. He says he was on the front lines helping out during 911. That’s a lie. He says he spoke with the president of the Virgin Islands after Hurricane Maria, that was a lie (and a laughable one at that, since it turns out that HE is the president of the Virgin Islands). He said his own father was born in Germany. That was a lie. He said he lost the popular vote only because there were three million instances of voter fraud, which was a lie. He’s taken responsibility for the upturn in the stock market and the downturn in black unemployment, which of course are more lies. He’s lied about his education, his heritage, his background, his businesses and his net worth.

I noted the comment Anderson made about “after 2025,” which I take to mean he thinks Trump will be reelected. As long as there are people out there who are unwilling to pull back the curtain and see that the great and powerful Oz is nothing more than a flimflam man, I’m afraid he might be right.

But if any of us survive the mess that has become this administration, I guarantee you we’ll be looking back on it in absolute amazement and horror.

Lauri L. Randall

New Haven, Connecticut


I read all the August letters by Bill Stock, Steve Carrel, Gary Ellerbrock, and Ralph Anderson.

Would you believe that their self-righteous, bigoted Republican born-again clap-trap has finally made me see the light?

It is so heart-warming to read nearly daily their Christian bashing of such hapless tyrants as Bill and Hillary Clinton or Barack and Michelle Obama, Lyndon B. Johnson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, not to mention reverends Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the congresswomen Maxine Waters, Ilhan Omar (who has been a U.S. citizen longer than Melania Trump), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Nancy Pelosi, senators Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, and Kamala Harris. And let’s not forget those dastardly celebrities like that “SOB,” Colin Kaepernick, Whoopi Goldberg and Stephen Colbert, and any other communist, socialist, fascist Democrat ever born.

That all means our only recourse is to bow to the one and only living God and say … praise your holy name, Donald John Trump.

Jim Brant



In reference to The Courier’s front page Tuesday, Sept. 3: When will our nation’s media stop sensationalizing the mass “killer of the day” by printing them above the fold for all to study?

Bob Chesebro