If Hillary Clinton had been elected president, we would have a far left, anti-religion, anti-free speech majority on the Supreme Court, with dozens more liberal judges filling federal bench positions.

Thousands of crosses would be removed from public spaces as would any documents, literature or art depicting Christianity or any contribution of religion to our American heritage. Thousands of Christian businesses would be regulated, fined, or sued out of business. Churches and religious institutions would be forced to hire employees who are openly hostile to their faith.

Hundreds of doctors, nurses and technicians would be fired for refusing to participate in abortions or assisted suicides. Government employees would be fired for daring to express their Christian beliefs in public.

We would have increased funding for Planned Parenthood and new funding for abortion at overseas facilities such as military bases. Our government would be promoting abortion and homosexuality around the world. All U.S. embassies would be flying the gay pride flag during pride month as would the White House and all agencies.

Instead of a federal tax cut, we would be paying greatly increased income taxes. Corporations would be fleeing our nation to countries with less regulations and less taxes. The unemployment rate would be higher.

The government would be spending far more on welfare programs and our national debt would be trillions of dollars more.

We would have an open southern border. Few would apply for citizenship as it would carry no advantage.

Americans would have little, if any, choice in their own health care. The cost of health care to the nation would be far greater and the service far inferior.

There would be decreased funding to our military (except for gender reassignment surgery) while China, Russia, North Korea and Iran would increasingly threaten world peace. All those nations as well as all contributors to the Clinton Foundation would now be receiving sweetheart deals from a corrupt presidency. There would be no embassy in Jerusalem, with increased pressure for Israel to give away land and its right to defend itself.

Thank God for President Trump!

Don E. Waaland



Not all people riding on bicycles are adults. For many years we had grandma camp with grandchildren. Riding bicycles to get ice cream on the sidewalks was a safe place for our age group.

With delivery trucks and drivers always in a hurry, I didn’t want my grandchildren on the busy roads. Lincoln Street and Blanchard Street were the streets we took. Some children ride their bikes to school and to sports.

Do we really want children riding on the busy streets with their bicycles?

Wanda K. Smith



I was most happy to see that the author of the question, “Where would we be now if Hillary had won in 2016?” provided an answer.

“My greatest fear is that we would now have open borders,” was kind of a narrow answer for such a broad question, but it is an answer.

For that, I thank Ralph Anderson (letter, Sept. 4) for the insight it provides. For the record, I prefer Selena Maazaoui’s (letter, Aug. 29) answer to the question.

Dave Uitto

New Riegel