Why should anyone go to Democrats for advice? Trying to figure that out, I made a list of their accomplishments for guidance.

The Democrats have given us the following:

SLAVERY — By the mid-1800s, almost all slaves in the United States were imported and owned by Democrats, mainly in the South. They didn’t invent it but industrialized it in the USA.

CIVIL WAR — Because of the issue of slavery, opposed by Republicans, we we all were forced into the Civil War. This resulted in more than 600,000 casualties. Maybe we should send the reparation bill to the Democrats.

KKK — Then we have the militant arm of the Democrats, the KKK. This group of terrorists, created by Democrats, caused the deaths of untold thousands of Americans who refused to comply with the philosophy of white supremacy. Has been replaced by Antifa. The GOP had to fight for years to pass the voting and civil rights laws opposed by Democrats.

ABORTION — We can’t forget the great American Democratic contributor, Margaret Sanger, supporter of eugenics and founder of Planned Parenthood. This organization is responsible for the deaths of millions. And we wonder why today’s children have no respect for life. How can they, when their lives can be ended for the convenience of their own mother?

SOCIALISM — Already responsible for millions of deaths, thanks to Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Marx, the list continues through today’s modern dictators. All are heroes of the Democrat Socialists, according to newspapers of the time. The future can only hold more death and destruction if the policies of the modern Democrats are followed. Their tax and environmental policies will only result in poverty and starvation of the most vulnerable citizens.

Is it any wonder that Democrats insist on controlling education? These historical events have been erased from the collective memory through the agenda of the progressive movement. The musings of the few progressives blessing us with their wisdom while entertaining, is getting tiresome with their half-truths and outright lies.

Yep,the Democrats are the people we should go to for advice.

Paul Anglemyer



I was in Indianapolis last week for five days (actually the northern suburbs) and most of the main streets had bike lanes built into them.

Unfortunately, when you pulled up to a stoplight, people used them for right-turn lanes, UPS and FedEx used them for parking while making deliveries, school buses used them for dropoff stopping points, and the police used them for a safe place to pull over speeders.

I never saw one person on a bike using the lanes. As for the kids on bikes, they were using the sidewalks, seems safer to me.

Maybe we should just make the sidewalks wider.

Gary Burns