On Sunday, our pastor told our church youth the good Samaritan story from the Bible.

Fifty years ago, I had two good Samaritans come into my life.

On Sept. 9, 1969, I was being discharged from Valley Forge Army Hospital and the U.S. Army on the same day. That was 432 miles from home, so I was going to hitch-hike.

Two men, two good Samaritans, brought me home. The first one took me to Cleveland, the second one home to Hancock County.

God bless all good Samaritans! We should all be good Samaritans to our neighbors — and strangers.

William J. Holden



Regarding the six-month sentence of child pornography aficionado Robert C. Sams (Page A1, Sept. 10): According to a pre-sentence investigation report, Sams was experiencing depression, (Hancock County Common Pleas Court) Judge Starn said. His actions were a kind of “self-medication, for lack of a better way of saying it.”

Is Judge Starn also a psychiatrist? Inquiring minds want to know.

Sams expressed “a strong feeling of remorse,” in the report, Starn said. Yeah, I’m sure. He got caught.

Aww, the poor little fellow. I fully expected the final lines of the story to include an invite to a pity party for the pervert out at Riverside Park. Of course, we would need police protection to make sure no children got within 500 feet of the event. Perhaps we could temporarily divert a little money from the new bicycle lanes project to pay for the overtime, Kool-Aid and hotdogs.

I used to have the utmost respect for our legal system here in Hancock County, but after this travesty I just don’t know what to think anymore.

Has our system gone soft? I know I’m not the only person shocked by this. I can’t believe society has become so self-centered and self-absorbed that we now have compassion and sympathy for child pornographers.

Are child sex trafficking and resultant pornography not the most heinous crimes there are, short of murder? Do I really need to point out that these acts rob a child of his or her innocence?

Did the judge actually see the pictures?

Dave Malone



I could not believe my eyes. In a letter from the Christian Action Network there was a photo of a Muslim Community Patrol (MCP) car in New York City. The Brooklyn Borough will help raise tax dollars to fund the cars.

Granted, they don’t have the authority to arrest you, but how do you know that? They want people in the city to abide by Islamic law.

They want to enforce Sharia law. They want patrol units carrying guns and badges. They will chase non-Muslims out of areas that are near mosques. They bully stores to stop selling pork and alcohol.

I cannot imagine any city officials authorizing the purchase of these cars, but they are planning 30 more. Then they plan to reach out to cities all over America.

How about Christian Patrol Cars (CPC), Jewish Patrol Cars (JPC), Hindu Patrol Cars (HPC) or Amish Patrol Buggies (APB)?

Challenge: Get informed and contact the authorities who can prevent this.

God bless America!

Glenn Coats

rural Findlay