In regards to Tom Quarrie (letter, Sept. 17): The U.S. ceased to be a democratic republic in 1912. Woodrow Wilson’s progressive era reforms installed new “machinery.”

The 16th Amendment is direct taxation, to then backstop the banks if they get into trouble. Remember TARP?

The 17th is direct election of senators. This means that senators become populists and are thus not deliberative and above the political fray.

It also means that senators have to grovel for money from donors and lobbyists and that they are no longer beholden to their state legislature.

Before the 17th, the state legislature sent their “lions” to Washington and state’s rights were jealously guarded. After it was passed, the centralizing power in Washington accelerated dramatically.

The Federal Reserve Act and IRS were additional parts of this usurping machinery.

The Federal Reserve Act handed over the functions of government to bankers, who then use their money power via the 17th to influence government in the way they want it to go. Their first effort was to put us into WW1, immediately after Wilson’s reforms.

The U.S. is thus a money power oligarchy.

There are factions that work in tandem, like the military industrial complex and extraction industries, but in general, finance runs the U.S., not the will of the people.

Note that candidates are always selected by our “elites,” and hence are vetted for your approval.

Mark Haas



I got a frog in my throat this morning when I read in The Courier that Cokie Roberts had passed away.

I remembered that I hardly ever missed her on Sunday mornings when she showed Sam Donaldson and George Will that she had more than bees under her bonnet. Not only was she their intellectual equal, she was a heck of a lot prettier to look at.

I do know that unlike some people, if Cokie said it, you could take it to the bank, because it was good as gold.

Oh well, I heard a long time ago that in real life she was a Republican, but since I’m not on that internet stuff and my phone only costs $14, that Google stuff is null and void.

I’d like to say that this is one dastardly liberal that is going to miss her. Ms. Cokie Roberts was one fine lady.

Jim Brant



I was brought up to think that when you elect people for office, they are working for you, the public.

I guess this isn’t true anymore.

It seems when they are in office they choose what to do and and how to do it without public opinion.

Mayor, the people of Findlay need their voices heard, and will have their voices heard.

They are tried of having things thrown at them that they can’t even voice their opinons about.

Meetings are held and the public is led to believe they will be heard, but aren’t. That was the case again Tuesday about the Howard Run ditch.

Start listening to us, the public. Work with us.

People simply can’t afford the extra cost to do this ditch project. Many people are on fixed incomes, have medical expenses, etc.

The city has gotten a grant for the bike trails, why not the ditch?

Joe Dorman