We received a letter on the Howard Run ditch project and tax assessment. We attended the meeting Sept. 17 to hopefully get some answers.

We were appalled by the handling of the meeting by the Hancock County commissioners and the Hancock County Engineer’s Office.

They provided a 5-10 minute slide show of the ditch in question. There was no description on work intended or potential cost to the taxpayer. The meeting was abruptly ended with no opportunity for the 150 people attending to ask any questions. The handling of this “meeting” further frustrated us and we are sure everyone else there felt the same way.

After a call to the commissioners’ office we were informed that the next meeting (at 6 p.m. Oct. 1 at Brugeman Lodge) will allow for comment and answers to questions.

There are rumors and speculation about the potential cost to the taxpayer and they are not good. Please attend the next meeting if you are affected and share your opinion as the fate of this project is not yet decided.

Craig and Jayne Allen



I, too, have experienced problems with the crosswalk lights on Main Street.

“Coffee with a Cop” was the perfect venue for a conversation about this issue of importance to me. The police officer and the sheriff’s deputy listened to me and took notes. It was heartwarming to watch the officers and deputies interact with young people.

Coffee with a Cop is a great way to open up communication in a friendly, neutral setting.

Robin Bowman



I am writing to inform the community what a great thing Kroger does.

I was at the cancer center for therapy and Kroger brought in several pails of bouquets of flowers to be passed out to patients.

What a blessing for those patients in a hard time in their lives. One patient even started crying. I’m grateful for the kindness.

Rhonda Greer