Have you seen ads in The Courier about the “race for the cure” coming to our city?

What most people dread to hear is the “c” word — cancer. Those who have this diagnosis have a rough road during treatment. But some people are diagnosed early and some people are cured or in remission.

What is the diagnosis for America, morally and spiritually? Too often, it seems, the media portrays our country with a picture of moral demise. That saddens me greatly.

In light of distressing current events and future biblical events, America must be spiraling downward on the slippery slope of lawlessness, immorality and greed.

Because of rapid change in making and passing laws and the toppling of traditional values in the statehouse and church house, is there any hope for a cure or remission in our country?

Many changes might sound good, but are actually harmful to us and our country.

I believe we are living in the sunset of the present church age. The sunset of “one nation under God with liberty and justice for all” might be around the corner.

We should acknowledge our malady as individuals and as a country, and turn from our harmful ways and go in the right direction by making good choices.

If we return to God the creator and believe his written word, he has promised to hear our prayers and heal our land.

Meanwhile, it might be wise for us to run life’s race for the cure, spiritually and morally. And, hats off to those who run in the race for the cure of cancer.

May God bless those who are suffering from cancer. May he bless our city — and still bless the USA.

Connie Gatchell



Democrats got women and African-Americans the right to vote, created Social Security and Medicare, which helped millions of elderly people out of poverty, ended segregation, passed the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, passed the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act, which has improved the lives of all Americans.

Thanks to Democrats, most Americans have weekends off, paid vacation, paid sick leave, minimum wages, eight-hour work days, overtime pay, health, dental and vision coverage, work breaks, raises, holiday pay, military leave, workers comp, sexual harassment laws, the American with Disabilities Act, age discrimination laws, wrongful termination laws, collective bargaining, child labor laws, the Equal Pay Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act.

What did the Republicans do? They opposed all of these, each and every one. And if they have their way, all of these items would be eliminated.

So when I read comments about Democrats as if they were dirty and un-American, it won’t work because it is a word worthy of praise — not scorn.

Robert Dockery



It’s about time someone complimented the city fathers (and mothers) on something they did right with roads and streets.

From the time Interstate 75 was built, the slip road taking northbound Broad Avenue traffic to westbound County Road 95 at the Bigelow/Broad bend has met the Bigelow/95 road at a 45-degree angle.

A couple months ago that was modified to a 90-degree angle. Driver visibility of westbound traffic from Bigelow is much, much improved.

I do not know how many accidents have been prevented by this simple change. However, countless driver-passenger arguments about who should lean forward or back so the driver can see traffic have been prevented. The Hillcrest area thanks you.

Jim Miller



Oh my gosh. I heard on the news that in 2001, Justin Trudeau wore brown makeup while attending an “Arabian Nights” party at college and that people who have just learned about it are upset!

What? Grow up! It was 18 years ago! And the man was portraying a person with brown skin! What color makeup was he supposed to wear? Green? Blue? Wait, what about purple?

Yeah, he could have worn purple makeup! But no, he had to go and wear brown makeup. What a jerk. Not!

We’ve had several mass shootings in our country this year, but people are upset because nearly 20 years ago Justin Trudeau wore brown makeup?

What the heck is wrong with that picture?

Judith Donaldson