Nancy Pelosi promised that, if she made speaker, she would work tirelessly to fix Immigration, fix drug costs and fix the economy.

Instead, she went straight to impeachment. Presidential elections balance on jobs and a good economy. In Mr. Bush’s eight years, median income rose $400. In Mr. Obama’s last 6 years (excluding two years after the end of recession), it rose $1,000.

During the Trump administration’s first two years, median income rose $4,144. That excludes the money saved on lower tax rates and higher income that isn’t taxed.

The unemployment has fallen to 3.5 percent. The tight labor market has improved the minimum wage. Despite all the government’s interventions, the failed “War On Poverty” has spent $16 trillion since 1968.

Yet this falls on deaf ears because any good news for Trump is bad for Pelosi. What conclusion can you draw from a party that is terrified of a good economy? Why would they trash talk the economy?

Why would the Black Caucus in Congress oppose Trump at every step. His economy has reduced the black unemployment to the lowest rate since the Census separated people by race. Black median income has never been better since that division. Same for black women.

Same for white women. Same for Hispanics. By any metric, the country has been rising since Nov. 9, 2016. You will never hear a progressive (regressive) give any more than lip service about black unemployment.

Joe Tebbe



On Saturday the first loss of life by a bicyclist by a car was reported in The Courier (Page A3) since this ridiculous idea of a bike path on Blanchard Street was made public.

He was in the curb lane and hit by a person, allegedly with drugs. How many people could possibly be hit if even in a five-foot lane, and since Findlay has a known drug problem including intoxicated people driving?

This is the first warning shot that the Blanchard street bike route could be a serious problem. Is a grant worth human life, I think not!

Carroll Lanning



With the new “City Scape” downtown and the seeming desire to eliminate truck traffic from the downtown area, perhaps it is time to resurrect the old idea of asking the state to re-route Ohio 12 and U.S. 224. At one time it was planned to use Interstate 75, County 99 and Bright Road as the designated through route with the existing route designated as a business route.

Additionally, Bright Road was to be improved southward to connect with Ohio 37. That improvement and re-designation would effectively remove trucks from downtown and eliminate major problems with the design of downtown intersections experienced by trucks and safeguard the boulders placed channel such traffic.

A future corridor could improve County 99 through to County 236 and improve County 236 to move trucks and through traffic even further east. I am sure that the city fathers are, and have been, aware of those old plans but am a bit baffled as to why they weren’t considered and pursued when downtown was designed.

It would seem to me that pursuing grants and the spending of tax dollars would be more effective in improving traffic in our fair city if they went in this direction rather than building bike trails. Bike trails can be more economically designated simply by painting the symbol that they used on northbound Cory Street in the curb lanes of Blanchard, but please leave Lincoln Street alone.

Just an old guy reminiscing.

Don Kinn



I was happy to see two recent letters in this paper questioning climate change. While I agree the climate is different, I can’t quite believe it’s man made.

For instance, 1969 dire predictions were made such as the world would run out of food by 1975 if we didn’t change our ways. There were about 40 others in a similar vein. That was 50 years ago and not one of them came true. Not one! Go ahead and Google it. I’ll wait.

Bet you didn’t find any prediction that actually happened. So why should I believe the alarmists when they have such poor credibility. The same people have cried wolf too many times to be believed.

By the way, why are Americans asked to change their ways and do the heavy lifting? What about China and India doing something about it? Did all those plastic straws come from the U.S.?

John Kuhlman

Ocala, FL