How is it that our borders are still not secure? Why are we running ruinous deficits? Will we go another 20 years without the Congress passing a budget?

Must we continue operating in fits and starts with shutdowns and so called continuing resolutions to finance the federal government? Who among us believes that trillion dollar annual deficits are sustainable? We voters may ask these and many other overarching questions repeatedly but, as usual, receive little relief from our frustration.

It has become painfully obvious that the representatives we send to Washington are either unwilling or unable to respond to a majority of their constituents who simply want common sense government.

For whatever reason, most of us can agree that our federal government has run amok.

The time has come for us to take back what was once ours — self government. We can no longer overlook the damage being done to our nation by this all powerful, centralized behemoth.

The tools required to erase this problem are hiding in plain sight. Article V of the U.S. Constitution gives the states the full authority required to rein in a runaway federal government. The states can install term limits on Congress and other federal officials, place limits on taxes and spending and restrict the power and scope of the federal authority.

Yes, it is possible. Our state legislatures can convene a meeting and propose amendments to the constitution. Those amendment proposals would then be submitted to all 50 states for ratification.

The plan was written on the parchment in 1787. Each suggested amendment would become law when ratified by 38 states. Did those guys who wrote the Constitution know what they were doing? You bet.

See for yourself:

Tom Quarrie



After our state House Rep. Jon Cross voted in favor of House Bill 6, I lost confidence in his ability to represent the people in our Ohio House 83rd District fairly.

To eliminate the clean energy mandates set Ohioans back to the dark ages. So many jobs and opportunities ground to a halt.

House Bill 6 is corporate welfare, benefiting only First Energy and its investors. To bail out these coal and nuclear plants when we should be moving forward in renewable energy is unconscionable.

How can anyone claim this will save the taxpayers money?

And now I am hearing on TV and receiving in the mail horrible lies from dark money sources, such as threats of foreign entities taking over our power grid.

Circulators who are collecting signatures for a referendum to repeal HB 6 are being offered up to $100,000 to quit and give up their signatures to these unknown shadowy groups!

Phone numbers of circulators are given out so that they may be harassed! Is that even American?

Who is behind “Ohioans for Energy Security”? Do you really think they are trying to save taxpayers money? Why are they so aggressively spending so much money to stop any measure of repeal?

We need to expose this dark money and stop these unethical practices. I am not sure how anyone in elected positions can sleep at night knowing that this is “legal”! We need to hold our elected officials accountable.

Cathy Weygandt



Again, Don Iliff has “blessed” us with a hate Trump letter (Oct. 4).

We “Trump people” see the president as the only hope for our country, thank you. Remember few, if any, of those who bother to read Iliff’s letters know he reads and listens to the liberal left and actually believes it.

Those who do read Iliff’s propaganda and then see him advocate for Pelosi must just smile and shake their head and say, “Is he for real?”

Iliff insinuates the three conservatives he mentioned are aged and should retire. Then, in the same paragraph, he favorably mentions Pelosi — isn’t she 80 years old? Iliff and she fit perfectly!

Actually, although I love and admire femininity, I cannot stand those, male or female, who are indoctrinated by California hierarchy’s beliefs and actions. Pelosi, you lose. In fact, I can’t recall any politician I absolutely fear, dislike, and abhor as much as Pelosi!

Let us wear our MAGA hats proudly since we know the truth and speak the truth.

Ralph Anderson



In Ralph Mullinger’s Letter to the Editor (Viewpoint, Oct. 4), some wording was inadvertently deleted.

Mullinger stated that current CO2 in the air was 400 parts per million, or 0.04 percent, up from roughly 0.03 percent in the late 1800’s.