It seems Findlay residents are unaware that under the Ohio Revised Code a bicycle is a vehicle with the same rights and responsibilities as other vehicles on the road.

Recently, as I crossed through town to take a peaceful ride in the country I was cursed. I approached a busy four-way stop taking my place behind a line of vehicles. I used a hand signal to indicate my impending left hand turn. I awaited my turn then safely proceeded through the intersection.

A middle-aged pick up truck driver about three vehicles down the line looked directly at me and called me an “***-hole.” I was stunned. This attitude is similar to the recent letter writer who believes the death of a cyclist provides an argument against bike lanes.

It’s possible to provide for and promote safe travel for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

Recently my husband and I visited rails-to-trails communities in Indiana, Illinois and Iowa. We found communities with these bike paths also had to share the road signs and bike lanes to allow for safe travel throughout the community, as well as to and from the dedicated bike paths.

In Iowa City (population 68,000) we biked safely throughout the city. Communities in many parts of the country are finding bike friendliness provides an economic boost to their towns. We stayed in hotels, purchased meals, toured museums when not out on our bicycles. We felt safe, welcomed and not once cursed.

I hope someday our community will accept cyclists as equal travelers on the streets of Findlay.

Colleen Benelli-Reed



Ralph Anderson’s astonishing love letter (Oct. 8) about his and his Evangelical sheep’s Messiah, Donald Trump, proves the point: “you just can’t fix stupid.”

I will turn his letter on its head and reverse everything he wrote and ask the same question: “Is he for real?” Is it propaganda that Trump is a racist, bigot, liar, cheater, narcissist, obstructor of justice, mocker of the handicapped, misogynist, child cager, environmental destructor, tax cutter for the rich, hypocrite, traitor, deficit ballooner, fake Christian, and wanna-be King? All these are accurate depictions of our leader.

Unfortunately, he and his conservative ilk choose to ignore and cover up the truth. Polls already say that 58 percent are in favor of advancing the impeachment inquiry. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire!

Wear your MAGA hat proudly, as Ralph says, because you helped elect the worst president in the world and probably one of the most corrupt in history and soon to be a one-term impeached scoundrel.

Ask yourself why anyone would support such an evil person? It’s because they possess the same evil traits as Trump and they cannot fight being manipulated and conned. It is not honorable nor Christian-like to follow his lead. It is a sign of great weakness in judgment and character.

Even pastor Pat Robertson said that Trump will not get into heaven. Pray that our new leader will pull us out of this darkness.

“Know the truth, Speak the truth,” as Ralph noted. I would simply add: open your eyes, ears, and heart and the truth is in plain sight.

Salena Maazaoui



A recent contributor to “Viewpoint” wrote: “Let us wear our MAGA hats proudly since we know the truth and speak the truth.” Many of us are seekers of the truth. Enlighten us.

Dave Uitto

New Riegel —


Abby Hefflinger was born and raised in Hancock County graduating from Riverdale High School. She then graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science at Ohio State University. She is also a graduate of Ohio Northern University Claude W. Pettit College of Law.

Her desire to become an attorney was driven from her strong passion to serve people, most importantly those who are in need.

She served as a juvenile assistant public defender in Hancock County and currently works as the staff attorney and court advocacy director at Crime Victim Services. In this position she advocates for victims of crimes throughout the court process and assists with the healing process, guaranteeing that they have the access to the services they need.

As an attorney, Abby has experience in mediation and strategic planning. She is an active member of the Findlay community, volunteering at many events and is a member of Findlay Service League.

Hefflinger will always put the needs of others above her own, and this is what will make her a great city council member. If you would like an intelligent, caring and passionate individual representing a town that she loves. Please join me and vote for Hefflinger for City Council at Large on Nov. 5th.

Jennifer Treece