Some have said we should return to a government that follows the Constitution and in so doing, presumably solve our problems. I couldn’t agree more.

Our Constitution is about 3,000 words and fits into a small pamphlet. With all its protections for liberty and limits on federal power, it could be serving us well today. So, what happened? How did Washington get so bloated and out of control?

The answer lies in a dark corner where few ever look. Our federal government follows the Constitution, just not the one we know. The one they follow is called the annotated constitution. It is 2,800 pages and weighs 10 pounds. You can buy it from the government printing office and read all about the Supreme Court decisions and laws passed by Congress that have twisted, distorted and chipped away at the original meaning and intent.

Those of us who would prefer to retain our liberty and not have it sacrificed on the alter of centralized authority over our lives should look upon this document as the progressive’s bible. It is the wellspring of authority used by the cabal of swamp dwellers to justify their rule.

The Convention of States Project is striving to convince our states to fight back. The need to return our nation to self government will only be filled by the states. Washington will never reform itself. That fight starts with the states deciding to hold a convention under the authority and obligation handed to them in Article V of the Constitution. The convention can figure out how to close the loopholes in the Constitution opened by activist judges and a progressive Congress.

The convention will be charged with bringing forth suggested amendments. This meeting of delegates will have no authority to do anything but debate the content of their proposals. If those proposed amendments subsequently get ratified by the states we get rid of the swamp. If they fail, we try again. What we must not do is fail to fight back. Call your reps and ask them to support SJR2, an application for a convention of states. See:

Tom Quarrie



Forty five years ago this community was blessed because Marathon hired Gary Heminger.

There have been “many” in the history of Findlay and Hancock County who have stepped up and contributed so much and in so many ways to create such a remarkable quality of life for the citizens. This was done by their vision and leadership for the people.

It is one of the reasons that Findlay and Hancock County is one of the finest places to live, raise a family, work and be safe. It has created a remarkable quality of life!

As Mr. Heminger steps aside and into another phase of his life, may this community never forget what Gary and Jane Heminger have given back. Thousands of humans beings have been touched by their generosity and caring.

There is a huge number of citizens saying aloud, “Thank you Gary and Jane Heminger” — you were and are appreciated by all.

Harold “Puck” Rowe



This may be a good job for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her connected at the hip senators: Make use of the land from the burned forest fires in California to construct tent cities.

Eliminating the forest areas will definitely help control their clean promotion.

If they follow the idea of the (former) Arizona sheriff, they could provide housing for all of the homeless people destroying the streets of California.

Also, the New York mayor wouldn’t have to spend so much money sending homeless people to Hawaii. He could just fly them to California.

Since the Democratic-run government thinks it’s OK to have the degrading slums on their streets, they might also be OK with tent cities. I’m sure Arnold and Lebron would be happy to provide some of their homesteads to the qworthwhile endeavor.

I believe the homeless street people would definitely go for three hots and a cot and a roof over their head.

W. Bennett



Ralph Anderson (letter, Nov. 1), thank you for reading my letter (Oct. 26). The solution you asked for is to bring about communism as quickly as possible.

Jake Laird