I certainly hope the veterans parade gets as much coverage by The Courier as the Halloween parade did.

After all, if it wasn’t for the brave men and women of our military and the sacrifices they made, we would not have the freedoms we have now.

So come on, Findlay and Hancock County, come to the Veterans Day parade on Sunday and thank our brave veterans.

I realize they don’t give out candy, but that would just rot your teeth anyway.

Steve Kinn



All three Viewpoint page columns in the Nov. 4 Courier were written by Washington Post columnists who portray Democratic Party propaganda as fact and try to influence readers to be against Republicans and the president.

The Courier has become their partner by publishing their propaganda on Nov. 4.

I encourage The Courier to include an opposing view for every Washington Post column (E.J. Dionne, Kathleen Parker, and Robert Samuelson) that is printed on Viewpoint.

Dionne wrote of “weak Republican nominees” in Kentucky and Mississippi elections this week and offered his opinion that the president is a “profoundly flawed president.”

Parker claimed the president is on “his last leg” and “his colleagues have turned tail.” She also implied the president is “not a good human.”

Samuelson is critical of the 2017 income tax cuts and questions: “Could history repeat itself?” when mentioning Nixon’s economic policy and Watergate.

These three columns reflect wishful thinking by the writers, but are not fact-based.

Every opinion they offer is very debatable — if only an opportunity for debate were offered by The Courier.

Jeff McGlade



One can see firsthand the tactics President Trump uses to scam gullible supporters with his lies and delusions. His actions dehumanize the poor as well as people of color and/or different religions.

Hate, fear and broken promises are all Trump offers.

Trump cannot scare liberals. Liberals know Trump is a frightened, insecure empty suit.

His use of obscene and profanity-laced language sounds more like a deranged alcoholic than a Christian.

As a result, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is God’s chosen one to impeach Trump.

A large percentage of white evangelicals are willing to make a deal with Satan, anti-abortion laws and ruling the world in exchange for their souls. They turn to Trump for guidance rather than the Constitution and law. He is their object of faith, creating them in his own twisted image.

Several journalists resigned at Fox News rather than work for the Trump propaganda machine, including Hannity, Carlson and Ingram. Only one-fourth of evangelical youth are Trump supporters. Young Americans in increasing numbers are joining the “having no religious affiliation.”

White evangelicals, instead of leading people to Christ, are preaching right-wing political intolerance, turning Americans into atheists and agnostics.

The House has sent over 200 bills to the Senate that Republican leader “Moscow” Mitch McConnell refuses to send to the floor for a vote.

On the bright side, the House approved the Trump impeachment probe. Impeachment isn’t undoing the 2016 election, it’s protecting the integrity of our democracy.

The hearings can be viewed live, proving the corruption, harm, lies and deceit by Trump, his administration as well as right-wing TV and talk radio.

When realizing Trump works for Russia rather than America, everything makes sense.

Don Iliff