Seventy-seven years ago on Nov. 8, the American Expeditionary Forces landed in North Africa to engage the German and Italian enemy for the first time (“Operation Torch”).

The first American news correspondent to land with our G.I.’s was Chris Cunningham from Findlay. “Christy” was a writer for the United Press news service.

A 1928 Findlay High graduate, Christy had honed his skills as a reporter for The Courier.

He became a close friend of Ernie Pyle and they were tentmates for 10 months in North Africa, Sicily and Italy. Toward the end of the War in Europe, Cunningham returned to the States to serve as a technical adviser for a film about the life of Pyle, called “The Story of G.I. Joe.” Christy appears in a short cameo, portraying himself.

He returned to Europe in time to report on the surrender of Germany, and then was assigned to cover the War in the Pacific.

Christy survived the war, but Ernie Pyle was killed in the Pacific shortly before the film about his life was released.

Two other men from Findlay served as correspondents during World War II. Dwight Pitkin, a former editor with The Courier, served with the Associated Press, while Ralph Teatsorth reported for the United Press.

Ron Ammons



After the Glenwood Junior High orchestra presented their Spooktober program this past week, I was moved to compliment them.

However, I did that last year.

On Oct. 31, we had a two-hour school delay so I swung into action to deliver the great-grandchildren to school. Alas, the eighth-grader forgot her “Chrome Pad” (whatever the heck that is) so I ran back to get it and deliver it to the school office for her to pick up.

As I was entering the office I was, once again, struck by the quality of the young people we are blessed with right here in Flag City, USA.

First, the entire school had paused all activity as everyone of the kids stood for the pledge to the flag. There were two ladies behind a desk assisting the kids and as I approached, a young red-headed boy gave me his place in line. Everyone knows how partial I am to little red-headed boys.

Ah, yes. All is well, right here in Flag City, USA.

Janet Quarrie