Do Democrats think because of the election there are more Democrats in Findlay?

The reason Dems got so many votes is quite simple. The people on City Council are worthless. All they do is rubber stamp whatever the big money dictates.

I’m an independent who formerly voted Republican. But there is only one Republican on council that actually cares, Holly Frische. I wouldn’t give a wooden nickel for the rest.

On Tuesday, I only voted for two people, two Democrats, and the only other person worth voting for, Auditor Jim Staschiak. Trust me, I’m not the only fed up voter. I know several people who voted Democratic or did what I did and bypassed the rubber stampers.

Carroll Lanning



I see that the Hancock County commissioners have authorized design of a “ditch improvement project” for the Western Meadows subdivision with potential future construction with assessments.

My feeling on this matter is that it will force adjoining property owners to participate in a project whose whole intention is to correct a faulty design of this subdivision.

One has only to look at the USGS topographical map of this area prior to construction to see that the “storm retention pond” was designed and constructed on the highest part of the area.

In addition, simply drive through the area and see for yourself that when you enter the subdivision, you pass the “pond” and proceed downhill on every street in the subdivision. How does water drain uphill to get to the pond?

This subdivision was designed, approved and built with this inherent flaw, so the remedy should pass on to those entities rather than to the adjoining property owners.

In addition, there is an Ohio statute that says changes in drainage patterns shall have no adverse effect upon downstream properties. This seems to have been ignored when this project was initiated.

It is time for the county to step up and admit that a mistake was made and to seek remedy from the people who made the mistake.

Don Kinn



Don Iliff (letter, Nov. 6) congratulates Nancy Pelosi on bringing impeachment proceedings in the House against President Trump.

I agree. Pelosi is one shrewd politician. When the House eventually votes, on partisan party lines, to impeach Trump, it will be sent to the Senate for trial.

The jurors in the Senate, all 100 of them, will work six days a week until the conclusion of the proceedings.

Showing up for jury duty will be Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Spartacus, Kamala Harris, and Amy Klobuchar.

Doing their civic duty, they will be off their respective campaign trails for possibly two months. (The Clinton impeachment trial on 12 indictments took from Jan. 1 to Feb. 12, 1998.)

Nancy knows that while the leftist loonies are fulfilling their constitutional obligations, Joe Biden will have free rein to campaign. Nancy knows her politics.

As far as some of the “200” bills passed by the Democratic House, let’s examine one of them: H.R. 3525, a bill passed on Sept. 26, 2019.

In short, this bill would have the Department of Homeland Security move to produce an electronic medical records system for illegal aliens at the border in 90 days. The bill was totally unfunded.

Republicans tried to amend the resolution to read that Veterans Affairs electronic medical records should be completed first. Democrats on a party line vote defeated the amendment and passed H.R. 3525 as written.

Craig Nichols



I found Don Iliff’s letter “Trump can’t scare liberals” (Nov. 6) so disturbing I can’t help but to comment.

The letter begins by accusing Trump of lies and delusions. He then states a few observations of his own:

• Trump sounds more like a deranged alcoholic than a Christian. I’m not sure if this means Christians don’t drink, or Christians suffering from alcoholism don’t sound deranged.

• As a result of the above, Nancy Pelosi is God’s chosen one to impeach Trump. OK?

• White evangelicals (Did he mean evangelists or evangels?) are willing to make a deal with Satan, anti-abortion laws and ruling the world in exchange for their souls. Has Iliff been affected by the recent Halloween activities?

The letter continues on with more disturbing commentary.

I trust Iliff’s thoughts, as expressed in his letter, don’t accurately reflect the liberal viewpoints of others, as it would be very concerning as we move forward as a society to express this amount of generalized contempt for our fellow citizens based an their political affiliations.

Larry Jones



What a disappointing headline on page A3 of the Nov. 4 Courier: “10 Findlay candidates unopposed.” I guess we’re getting the city government we deserve.

James C. Funk