Well, it’s no surprise with the election just barely over that some city leaders are still bound and determined to cram down our throats the unwanted bike paths on South Blanchard Street.

Grant Russel argues that experts who do this stuff every day have recommended the reduction of car lanes on Blanchard Street.

To this, I refer to the Main Street project. Those so-called experts claimed we needed only one travel lane in each direction because they did their traffic study during “Findlay’s busy downtown Christmas shopping season.”

If you drove Main Street during the construction, when travel was actually reduced to one lane in each direction, you may recall the jogger on the sidewalk traveled through town faster than the car on the street. By the way, I travel 30 to 40 miles a day mostly in Findlay and know the traffic firsthand.

I commend those in charge with researching the seven options for the Blanchard Street project after hearing the public opposition. I also understand it’s about the money.

For me, what seemed clearly the best option is the shared lanes. Keep Blanchard four lanes, paint a bicycle on the pavement every so often. We would receive nearly as much money from the state and our traffic pattern would flow nearly the same as it does today.

Tom Miller

rural Findlay


Bill Stock (letter, Nov. 12), you are sick and tired of the impeachment talk? Well it starts up again on TV today and will be going on for months.

Many others despise the words and actions we have been putting up with for three years with an idiot in the White House.

Democrats do not hate Christians and the Bible. We are Christians and Democrats. Yes, liberals believe in loving thy neighbor.

Your problem is you cannot believe the fact that our creator made us all different — different colors and different sexualities and you can’t understand our individuality.

We are speaking out about your hatred of this world. Yes, even in Findlay Ohio.

Lyn Benavides