We are constantly told by the Trump defenders that the “media” is biased against their perfect genius of a president.

While on the road this week, I wanted to monitor the House inquiry into Trump’s conduct in dealing with Ukraine. Unfortunately, when I scanned the AM stations on my radio, I found exactly zero channels covering the historical proceedings.

But in the process, I found no less than a dozen carrying conservative entertainers bashing the legislators, dedicated public servants/witnesses, and the very process established by our Constitution, including on our very own WFIN.

Media bias? You bet! But by the group trying to constantly confuse and divide our families, our county, our country with lies, diversions, and misinformation to hide the reality of Trump’s daily lies and crimes.

Challenge yourself to decide if this guy reflects your values, the values that make your kids good people, that make America great again.

Don’t think because you live and work in Hancock County you have to stoop to his low level!

Dick Taylor



I seldom respond to Jim Brant’s critique of my letters, but I will on this occasion.

Let me do so by acknowledging Jim’s gift from God; the ability to think and reason and express his thoughts in writing. Although I’ve not read where he gives glory to the creator, his skills reflect the giftings God gives.

I don’t flatter myself by thinking I can convert Jim’s heart, only God can do that. It took God to arrest Saul on the Damascus road, even while Saul was still breathing out venom toward fellow Jews who trusted Jesus Christ. Saul of Tarsus became Paul the apostle who wrote one-third of the New Testament. One redeeming factor in Paul’s life was that he believed the Bible, as he then understood it. Saul/Paul loved truth and sought to know the truth.

My question is to Jim and any reader: What is the truth you love and seek that makes you a better person who acknowledges the value of every life, even your enemies?

My loyalty is to truth; the truth about Jesus Christ who taught love God and your fellow man. My loyalty secondly is not a blind loyalty to our president but to his policies based on our Constitution.

Wayne Baldridge



I just wonder where Ruth Browne (letter, Nov. 22) gets it that she is in charge of forgiveness for Trump’s sins — or anyone else’s for that matter.

Not that I know much about the Bible, but I’m pretty sure Trump would be the one to have to ask for the forgiveness and it wouldn’t be to Browne.

It seems to me Browne is using her religion to justify her misguided position.

I guess if Browne has convinced herself, it is easier to look in the mirror at what she supports. So, I finally know how Trump gets his support.

Scott Klingler