I wish to get things straight with those who think that anyone can forgive the sins of another (see Browne letter, Nov. 22).

That is a completely bogus statement.

There is only one who can forgive our sins, our creator.

Most Democrats, but not all, claim they know the Bible, but when it comes down to it, they can only repeat what they research or are told by someone else.

I have read the Bible front to back every year for over 20 years and I continue to learn each time. You don’t just read it one time and think you know everything that is in it because you will be wrong.

When people write letters to the editor condemning Christians for our beliefs, they are only wishing that they had such a strong faith in our lord and savior.

They think that they can force us to lose our faith but they are wrong because once we receive Jesus as our savior it will never leave us.

Even though we make fail sometimes, it still remains that we are forgiven and that pertains to our current president. He, like all of us, was not born perfect and will continue to sin but there is a forgiver in Jesus.

Someday we all, even non-believers, will bow down. But those who deny him now, he will deny then.

God Bless America and our president and vice president!

Bill Stock



Republicans and Democrats want the best for all Americans.

I want access to affordable healthcare and housing, better wages and benefits. I believe in excellent schools, affordable education, job training as well as equal justice, campaign reform and eliminating voter suppression.

If born and raised in Findlay, Hancock County residents at an early age are programmed into the Republican Party.

Years ago, The Courier was called “The Republican Courier.” Some employment applications demanded identifying one’s political party.

If someone identified as “Democrat,” the individual probably wouldn’t get a follow-up phone call. From what I’ve been told, company employees could risk losing their jobs when supporting Democrats.

So when did Christians become comfortable with ignoring the truth?

Show me where it says Trump is “the way, the truth and the life.” Contrary to Ruth Browne’s letter (Nov. 22), the idea Trump could “trust in Christ” for salvation and go on living as before is foreign to Christianity.

Facts reveal Trump stole from his charity, employees, suppliers, contractors as well as Americans in general. He committed adultery with an XXX-rated adult film star and a playboy bunny during his marriages. The Bible tells us committing adultery is punishable by death.

Nevertheless, Trump supporters remain silent rather than admit to his continued lies, corruption and harming and causing the deaths of others.

Which side is Trump on? Trump denies Russia interfered with the 2016 election contrary to all the evidence. Turks attacked the Kurds and now we see Russian flags flying and Russian fighter jets on our former military base in Syria.

The House of Representatives is doing its constitutional duty opening impeachment investigations. Trump’s actions are trashing the presidency.

According to firsthand evidence offered by nonpartisan federal employees, Trump took advantage of his office to obstruct an investigation, abuse his power and attempt to bribe the Ukrainian president.

Trump makes America hate, not great.

Don Iliff



Friday evening as my wife and I were on our way to Wilson’s, we were driving down Main Street and saw what was probably one of the ugliest displays ever encountered.

It was the lighting for downtown Main Street.

It was overwhelmingly bright. Looking north on Main Street from near Arby’s is a sorry sight to behold. There were so many lights and each one so bright that nothing else was visible, no store fronts, no Christmas decorations, no people, nothing!

It looked like a used car dealer’s lot.

What a shame to do that to the downtown beautification program. Some lighting can be beautiful. This is not!

Douglas Rider