A wage earner saves for a down payment on a home, but the prices go up faster than the savings. Groceries and cars are going up and his rent is through the roof.

Raises just aren’t keeping up and he needs his second job just to stay even.

This kind of trap is real for far too many families.

We know this problem does affect us all on some level. It’s called inflation. It shrinks the value of our savings and our income. This nasty, insidious thief is the creation of our own federal government.

How and why are they doing this to us? It’s not rocket science, folks, it’s more like magic. The swamp needs lots of money — way more than they take in taxes.

Here’s how it works. The government prints bonds and the Federal Reserve gives them dollar credits in return.

Isn’t that great? A few cents worth of paper and ink, and bingo, all the money you want. Sounds like free money but it’s not.

Every time they do this, it devalues the dollars already out there, including your paycheck. The simple, ugly and largely overlooked truth about runaway government spending is it creates a hidden tax on all of us.

When they are not monetizing their debt like this, they borrow money from other sources who then become bond holders with future claims on our financial resources.

Our national debt is now over $22 trillion and growing rapidly. Raise your hand if you believe this is sustainable. If you can’t raise your hand, call your state representative and tell him you support Ohio Senate Resolution SJR2.

This resolution calls for a convention of the 50 states to propose amendments to the Constitution. The convention will be focused exclusively on fiscal restraint and the return of self-government to we, the people.

Article V of the U.S. Constitution provides for such a convention and by so doing gives us a powerful tool with which to get rid of swamponomics and return Washington to its properly limited role.


Tom Quarrie



Holy cow! Two pounds of ads. And maybe eight to 10 robocalls a day!

I remember when Thanksgiving was about being thankful and Christmas was about the birth of the savior.

Seems some have said bye-bye to those traditions in favor of “buy-buy.” It seems be all about money.

But I have never seen a U-Haul in a cemetery.

June Schwarz



Apparently my recent letter struck a nerve with David Hunt (letter, Nov. 22).

Sadly, it doesn’t take much to push the buttons on a liberal.

All you need to do is mention support for Donald Trump and the fangs and claws come out, a symptom of a shared liberal malady known as “Trump derangement syndrome.” I’m thankful I don’t live in that world.

How should we evaluate the president? Should it be based upon his job performance over his three years in office or should it be based upon what he did or someone said he did 15 or 20 years ago?

I suspect Mr. Hunt would prefer that his own job performance be evaluated on his current level of measurable performance instead of what some of his enemies said he did or said years ago.

The primary issue for the left is that Donald Trump, a man with no political experience and little political backing, had the audacity to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Secondly, Trump is the first president in modern history to refuse to be intimidated by the threat of negative media coverage and to vigorously defend himself by circumventing the liberal media filter, and it’s driving them crazy.

Larry Richards