Ruth Browne’s letter (Viewpoint, Nov. 22) inspired me to write. I agree and disagree with it at the same time.

First: What does Browne mean, good old Donny is a sinner, when he has never done nothing wrong? He has nothing to be forgiven for, and if you don’t believe me, ask him, and if you don’t believe him, ask his many defenders and apologists.

Every time the “rotten press” points out something he has done wrong, you can say it is nothing but fake news. And Browne’s point about Trump being everybody’s brother, I imagine that includes Hispanics, people of color, oriental people, Muslims, etc.

I do know that he loves Hispanics because he has provided jobs for them at his outstanding resorts, even for those who are illegally in this country. And they do show their gratitude by working many hours overtime without compensation. Now isn’t that a wonderful relationship?

But can we just admit that he may have committed a couple of minor sins here or there, like being a fake POTUS? We can certainly overlook those things.

Having said that, only one question remains. This country has been a great one almost from its birth. Its sons and daughters have worked, suffered, even died, while defending our liberty throughout the world long before Donny boy came into the picture. So, do we really need the kind of person he has proved to be in order to be great again?

But even more important, who has spread the idea that this country is not great anymore? Yeah, probably the rotten media.

Eligio Sierra



Zonta says no to violence against women and to human trafficking. Yes, this happens in Findlay.

These are issues which women in our area experience. The Zonta Club of Findlay, in its 60th year as a service organization in Findlay, uses its voice and actions to support women locally and worldwide.

Our organization has planned 16 Days of Activism for the Findlay area beginning Monday, Nov. 25 (International Day for the Elimination of Violence) through Dec. 10 (International Human Rights Day). Please look for our Facebook posts where we will feature Hope House, S.A.N.E., Open Arms, Habitat for Humanity, and listen to our radio spots. Look for us as we walk together in downtown Findlay at noon on Dec. 4 supporting the issues for which we advocate.

This is what we are doing. What will you do?

Consider donating to the organizations listed above, join us in our march on Dec. 4, consider joining Zonta or reach out to someone who is in need. Your efforts will be noticed. You can make a difference in Findlay, Ohio.

Deborah K. Bartlett



I found the substitute teacher article (Page A1, Nov. 21) quite interesting and the old adage comes to mind, “you get what you pay for.”

If my math is correct, a daily rate of pay of $85 is at, or below, minimum wage. I only know of one school in our area (Hardin Northern) that is paying $100 a day for substitute teachers. I would hope that schools have a main focus to attract quality candidates. When compensation is fair and appropriate, we will have an adequate supply of substitute teachers.

I would hope for our students’ sake that the problem would be figured out very quickly.

Joyce Benjamin



For the last three weeks, I have counted the number of people riding bicycles on Findlay streets and sidewalks. I can count them on one hand, with several fingers left over.

It looks to me like the project to change Blanchard Street from four lanes to two lanes is a lust for free state money in search of a problem. What do you think?

By the way, the bikes I saw were all on Tiffin Avenue, in the area of the mall.

Gary Burns



Don Iliff (letter, Nov. 25) is so bitter that Trump can do nothing but wrong, yet I don’t hear him complaining about President Clinton. Clinton was charged with 11 counts while he was in office. Talk about disrespecting the office of the presidency. He had sex with a woman who wasn’t his wife in the Oval Office.

Iliff is so wise he can see into a man’s soul and decide if he’s sinned or not.

If you want to see a liar, the biggest liar in Washington is Adam Schiff. He has won four Pinocchio’s for his lies and it wasn’t from Fox News.

All men sin, even Iliff, and we all need forgiveness. Hillary lost, get over it. Judge not, lest you be judged.

Steve Carrel

rural Findlay