Read Dick Taylor’s letter (Nov. 23) and you can see why I’m so glad for letters to the editor. About every word explains to me why we have so many Trump haters. He calls it “media bias.” He doesn’t realize anything that is really going on.

Why do we have impeachment hearings? Because we’ve been hearing how terrible Trump is and how terrible Trump has been in everything for the past three to four years. Why? Media bias. And Dick doesn’t understand why our country is in so much trouble.

But Ruth Browne, also mentioned in a letter (Nov. 22), is praying for Trump. You see, Scott Klingler doesn’t realize anything either. Why? Media bias. But Ruth and I and many others realize what’s going on because the alternative (the liberal left taking control of our government) is, as George Will says, unimaginable.

However, the purpose of my letter is to recommend term limits for both House and Senate. Our legislators have become so preoccupied about their reelection that they are useless for the purpose that they are elected. A perfect example is Nancy Pelosi, and she is so interested in getting rid of Trump that her state is in shambles.

Remember, each of the 535 House and Senate members earns $174,000 per year, plus many perks, most of which they voted for themselves. Figuring just their salaries, they earn a total of $93,090,000.

Perhaps we could have them in session for only three to six months per year. Remember, we are talking about “our” money.

Ralph Anderson



Viewing the latest Freedom Index for the 116th Congress in the November New American magazine tells a story of how few bother to follow the U.S. Constitution, based on their dismal voting scores.

Representatives’ votes on issues are calculated on how well they adhere to the Constitution.

A few of Ohio’s reps are Jordan at 90 percent; Latta, 60 percent; Kaptur, 20 percent; and Ryan, 13 percent. For Senate, Brown has come up to 20 percent from 10 percent, while Portman has gone down from a failing grade of 60 percent to a low of 10 percent.

Don’t we need to elect people who obey the Constitution so we would not have the massive debt our country is accumulating?

I agree with Tom Quarrie’s letter (Nov. 27) until the last three paragraphs. If the Convention of States people open up the Constitution by adding a balanced budget amendment and term limits, there is absolutely no guarantee they would add only a few amendments.

If added, would our representatives follow it, or would they just tax us more and follow that amendment because Congress is drunk on spending money? Would many more amendments be added besides the intended ones? What other amendments will be proposed which might forever change the Constitution (which may include throwing it out altogether)?

Please do your part and vote out unconstitutional candidates with failing grades, regardless of whether they are Democrats or Republicans, until they follow the Constitution as is. And please call your state-level Ohio representatives and ask them to not be fooled by SJR2.

Linda Bishop



It’s tough out there, not just now seasonally, but every day. Retail businesses everywhere are struggling.

Right here, the local business scene of “mom and pop” and small business establishments are becoming a dying commodity.

All these entrepreneurs need our support. These folks invest in our community with more time, energy and money than they often get credit for. Their wages, taxes, school and civic support, along with lots of blood, sweat and tears help build stability in youth and fellow citizens.

Yes, internet business at times is quicker, more convenient and has a larger selection, but they don’t have the same effect on our local economics. Perhaps that is why our local limited selection of the “big stores” is struggling (i.e., the decline of vendors in the mall) — we don’t support our own. Shame on us. We’ve become complacent (and even lazy) and way too attached to our devices.

So get out there. Stop and shop locally! Smell, touch, taste and feel the fresh and creative endeavors of our local friends and families. Experience the pride and friendly customer service and real personal interaction you can’t get from Alexa or your computer.

Enjoy the holidays with a meaningful “real live experience” — shop local every day.

Chris Dillon



I went by the leaf dropoff earlier this week and found it is closed until April!

With all the cold and snow, half my leaves are still on the trees! I’m sure I am not the only person in this predicament.

Come on, Findlay, how about a few more days for leaf dropoff? This has not been a normal fall, so let’s change the normal dropoff season!

Steve Fout



The article (Page A1, Nov. 27) on the Lima Avenue construction celebrated the reopening, but it could have done a better job describing the intended traffic flow.

Also, the diagram could have been better. Maybe some arrows showing the intended traffic flow. And what the heck is the light gray square in Ohio 15 and between the roundabouts? Will traffic go under or over that?

Yes, this should be better and safer, but how about giving drivers a better idea of what to expect so people will feel more secure using that road instead of avoiding it.

Donna M. Ewing



I moved back to my hometown 30 years ago, having been out and about for 20 some years. I met someone through a mutual childhood friend who became a close friend of mine. Through those boys I met the Heminger family, and I came to know and love them. (Who could not love Ed and Barb?)

Having grown up with their family legacy, I would be remiss if I did not bid a fond salute to five generations of a great Findlay family and wish them well!

This is why I love my hometown.

Richard Burton Wittenmyer