Kudos to the editors and publisher of The Courier for their choice of news that appeared in Saturday’s (Dec. 21) edition of The Courier on the front page. “Pastors spread ‘the joy and awe of Christmas,'” “Area farmers report better crop yields than expected,” “Local retailers enjoy booming shopping season,” and (on A3) “Micah Hyde takes a bite out of school lunch accounts.”

In this day and age where sharp division and controversy appear to be the norm, it is nice to see some good news on the first few pages. At this time of year, let us try to bridge the divide among us and come together to solve the biggest problems facing our country.

Bill Conlisk



I keep seeing articles in the paper and on TV about “the person of the decade” or “top album of the decade,” etc. 2019 is not the end of the decade. December 31, 2020 is the end of the decade. It is time the media started getting it right and quit just going along with the crowd.

Our current calendar started with the year 1. There are 10 years in a decade, 100 years in a century and 1,000 years in a millennium. That means the decade/century/millennium is not over until the year ending in 0 is over. Our millennium started January 1, 2001. If you partied like its 1999, you were a year early. Please start getting it right.

Douglas Rider



Mr. Anderson (Dec. 27), it’s obvious I was misunderstood. You misjudged my view of The Courier printing conservative views. What I want is The Courier balancing conservative and liberal views. Your letter might be projecting the hate within you unto me rather than debating the topic. Why do evangelicals love Trump? Because Trump and white evangelicals hate immigrants.

Mr. Anderson, Is there a chance you can stand for Christian principles rather than Trump’s hate? God is love; Trump is hate. None need feel sorry for me. Hillary won the popular vote by almost 3 million votes, so I have plenty of friends.

I don’t hate Trump; I hate his behaviors, his lies, cons, his fraud charity and fake university, his fake glamour of Mar-a-Lago as well as his adultery and hush money to porn stars. That isn’t Christianity. That is Trump worshiping his immoral heathenistic self. Because of Trump, more and more Americans are losing their healthcare, tax cuts helping only the rich, Mexico isn’t paying for the wall and immigrant children are separated from their parents and locked up in concentration camps.

Meanwhile, Nichols (letter, Dec. 28) has it wrong. California contributes tens of billions more dollars to the federal government than they receive.

Don Iliff