I’m afraid that your changes to the editorial page have missed the mark. Eliminating opposing views on political issues and the readers’ view and then filling in the space with larger political cartoons, Today in History and your personal viewpoint just doesn’t work. If you want to continue down this road, perhaps you should change the name back to the Republican Courier.

Gary Burns



Wow! Two bad actors taken out by “The Prez” in short order!

But let’s give credit where credit is due here.

Don’t forget that Trump’s helper on that first mission in October in taking out al Baghdadi was the dog, Conan, who is a magnificent Belgian Malinois. But I’m thinking I’d take the easy route as al Baghdadi did and blow myself up too if I saw that nasty dog coming at me with those flashing, snapping teeth.

To my estimation, both the dog and POTUS are quite impressive.

Janet Quarrie