Well, here we are — a new year, a new mayor and a new city council. Now it is time to see if Findlay will see something new: an administration that will listen to its citizens. Maybe the new president of city council will give more attention to his new post than he gave to his committee membership. Maybe the option of a 30-hour workweek will be extended to all city employees instead of being exclusive to only one. Maybe we will get a full-time city engineer instead of the dual role position that is now being employed. Maybe they will see that making East Lincoln Street one way will only make the intersection of Blanchard and Sandusky more congested. Who knows — only the Shadow???

Stand back, Findlay. Maybe something good may be in the works (if we can get a grant, that is).

Don Kinn



I am not a person who writes letters to the editor, but my mind has been uneasy since reading Kelton Smith’s letter (“Heldman the right man for the job,” Jan. 8). I am unsure how Mr. Smith can make a recommendation for sheriff when he has never heard of the other two candidates. I am assuming he has not researched the other two candidates, Tim Saltzman, and Verl Warnimont, as registered voters should in order to make the best informed decision.

Mr. Smith goes on to mention that Sheriff Heldman is his neighbor and is “a straight-forward guy.” Would those two qualities make the best leader for ensuring the safety and security of the citizens of Hancock County? Does Mr. Smith think the deputies he encounters on a regular basis are going to tell him, while on duty, how they feel Sheriff Heldman runs things at the office? Has Mr. Smith contacted Tim Saltzman or Verl Warnimont so that they can chat and get to know each other?

For someone who works closely with deputies on a regular basis, how has he not heard of Tim Saltzman when Tim had worked as a deputy for many years? I am one who investigates to see what each candidate is all about. Tim Saltzman was at the Hancock County Fair daily where it was easy to speak to him. He has participated in local festivals, parades, and many events throughout the county where he is visible and available for residents to get to know him. He allows residents to voice concerns and explains how he plans to combat those issues.

In my opinion, I feel Tim Saltzman is the best choice. I really like his transparency, his well-rounded resume, and he is highly trained and educated in many aspects of law enforcement. He has worked in government at NSA, several areas of local law enforcement, and in safety and security in both business and education. With the increase in various crimes throughout the county and Ohio, it is time for someone with fresh ideas in Hancock County. Vote Tim Saltzman for sheriff!

Angela Marquart



I don’t understand why any reasonable person would object to Qasem Soleimani’s assassination. Soleimani was a cold-blooded terrorist responsible for the massacre of hundreds of American soldiers and civilians, as well as thousands of innocent people in his own country and around the world. And he was planning more attacks!

Would those who are offended by Soleimani’s execution have preferred that such an evil individual be allowed to go on living, so he could carry out all his insidious plans? Just wondering …

Judith Donaldson