I see that our commissioners and county officials have decided on a location for the new courts building. Congratulations! Your basis for the decision is noble in that it preserves the existing courthouse in its pristine condition for use as document storage and historical building, and it means a savings for not moving juvenile courts to temporary quarters.

But I have a question — with parking space at a premium in town, how will you replace what will be lost?

Really promoting Findlay’s downtown parking and convenience is of paramount importance. This plan seems to do nothing toward that end. With ample county-owned property on County Road 140 and with some offices already located on this site, why wasn’t it considered for the new courts building? It offers many advantages, ample space for parking, space for expansion and easing of traffic congestion downtown among them, not to mention the consolidation of county offices.

This site would also offer an unrestricted construction operation. I guess is what I am saying is “” are you really looking toward the future with your current plans or are you simply addressing a current need?

Don Kinn